02.26.2018 11:03 AM

Brampton mayoral candidate Patrick Brown: “get me the result I want”

And guess what?  They apparently did.

Patrick Brown personally directed his top party officials to “get me the result I want” in a Tory nomination that has been the subject of a police investigation into alleged fraud and forgery, the Star has learned.

The former Progressive Conservative leader emailed specific instructions to Bob Stanley, then the party’s executive director, and Rick Dykstra, then PC president, five days before the nomination meeting in Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas.

“Let them all fight it out. And get me the result I want. But no disqualifications here. Kitchen is too hot,” Brown said in a May 2 email exchange that is now in the hands of Hamilton Police.

So, allegedly, Brown wanted to give the appearance of fair fight – but it really wasn’t at all.

He “got the result” he wanted, allegedly.

And now the police are investigating it.  And that’s not “alleged” at all.


  1. Matt says:

    So, I’m assuming the fraud comes from the fact they allowed the appearance of a fair impartial race while scheming to get a particular candidate to “win”?

    And had Brown just come out and been transparent and installed his preferred candidate he would have been OK because as leader it would have been within his authority to appoint the candidate?

    • 3SES says:

      This crap wen on in my riding, but it never made the papers or anything.

      Yeah, Brown could have just appointed candidates. Instead, Brown and his gang used bogus elections across the province to increase party membership sales.

      IMO of course.

      • RDL says:

        It happened to my riding, as well. I wish that the caucus had acted sooner before the lawsuits and the criminal investigation were launched.

        • 3SES says:

          Even without all the talk of stuffing ballot boxes, it still was a joke. Candidates were like kids selling chocolate covered almonds for their hockey team.

  2. Kevin says:

    Word is PB is bowing out of the leadership race later today after speaking with campaign staff. So what happens to his $125K? Not sure the ink is even dry on that cheque. So long is all I can say.

  3. RDL says:

    What took so long? Those of us who were members of RA boards were subject to this for the past two years. Why is this only coming out now? It’s been going on as long as Patrick was leader.

  4. Fred from BC says:

    “get me the result I want” ?

    I call that the New York Times method, after they were caught doing exactly that (then bragging about “not just reporting public opinion, but *creating* it”(!) Yeah, true story…)

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