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PCPO: a correspondent writes in (updated)

Just received.  Interesting.

Warren: Patrick Brown wants to play politics. Let’s play.

Let’s take a look at some of Patrick Brown’s biggest supporters.

Let’s look, too, at how the Hell this guy is funding his $1.75 million mortgage, all his trips to India and various other exotic places, the entire operation, including his first Leadership bid.

Let’s shake the tree and see what falls out, shall we?

Here are/were some of Patrick Brown’s top guys.

1. Rick Dykstra. Accused of sexual assault.

Acclaimed as President of the PC Party. Didn’t have a job. Some suggested he should get paid by the PC Party fund.

Did he? The Constitution says that he can’t. But hey, it’s just the Constitution.

He ran for the nomination to become an MPP and lost. Wasn’t doing the finest job as President? The people of Niagara didn’t want him back?

If he didn’t get paid by the Party, then where was he getting an income from?

2. Andrzej Kepinski, the big-shot casino guy.Andrzej gave $20K to Glen Murray when he ran for the Liberal leadership. Glen Murray! Almost immediately, Glen drops out. Andrzej has also given a lot to many other Liberals too. Here’s a link:

Andrzej has been described as the big money behind Patrick Brown’s first Leadership bid.

He was appointed to the PC Ontario Fund Board. A known backer of Ontario Liberals.

You can’t make this stuff up.

How did this get past the powers that be?

Andrzej is also close with Rick Dykstra. They go way back. Niagara area stuff. Dykstra was the MP down there. Andrzej has casino interests down there.

3. Brett McFarqhuar, the owner of a company called ElectRight.

He’s a full time Toronto Police Officer as well. One of the largest vendors of research and solicitation services to the PC Party riding candidates – and the PC Party Fund.

It has been said that the bond between Patrick and Brett “Trumps” everything else.  If you get my meaning.

Also, ElectRight was a vendor for Patrick Brown’s first leadership campaign. But it would seem that they didn’t make a lot of money on that campaign. Perhaps they didn’t make many phone calls? The campaign financial returns suggest they didn’t invoice the campaign for much, at all.

Also, Dykstra is super tight with ElectRight, too. One of ElectRight’s principals worked for Dykstra for a number of years.

These three boys (Brown, McFarquar and Dykstra), go way back.

4. Snover Dhillon. Google Snover Dhillon.I suspect that we are going to hear a lot more about this guy in the coming weeks.

The rumours on the street are that this guy also provides “election services.” His specialty is nomination races. High stakes, I’m told.

Big supporter of Jass Johal and Patrick Brown.

They’ve all been to India together, even.

Jag withdrew his candidacy for PC Party President.  Mangeet Gill and Kevin Gaudet withdrew their candidacies for VPs.  Then, Dykstra was acclaimed as President. Then, Jag was acclaimed as Vice-President.

Voila! One big happy family. And…who was pulling all the strings behind the scenes?

Here’s the problem: the President interprets the Constitution and ultimately decides who the candidates for leadership are.

Snover and Jag are close. Very close. I wonder how close Jag is with Jass Johal?

5. And who this this Jass Johal guy that I keep hearing about?

And how does he fit into all of this? This is one I’m looking into this week.

Warren, something else is bugging me too.

But I need your help with this one. I’m hoping that your loyal readers – who have the capacity and the resources – will look deeper into this one for me.

This story is nagging at me. I’ve got a feeling that there’s a lot more here:

“We were confident that after calling into question the integrity of the police investigation against Ms. Ali that she would be exonerated at trial.”


Stay tuned.

UPDATE: From my friend Steve Paikin, this:



  1. Matt says:

    Johal is a big fundraiser for Brown and was acclaimed to run in a riding where he doesn’t live, Brampton North IIRC, ahead of other candidates who do.

    He has been accused by some that he claims to be a lawyer when he isn’t. I don’t know if he is or not.

    There are other more serious allegations being made against him, all by the same person who to my knowledge has not provided evidence to support the claims

    • Matt says:

      Dhillon is supposed to be Johal’s top advisor.

    • Michael says:

      There is a Jaswinder Singh Johal listed in the Law Society directory. He is a paralegal, not a lawyer.

      I will tell you that the Law Society impresses upon paralegals that it is their duty to ensure that no one believes that they are lawyers. If this is the same person, and he is giving people the impression that he is a lawyer a complaint should be filed with LSO.

    • Para Raj says:

      Hi all,
      Politicians are never born from another planet. They are same as like normal humans. So, all the governments run by public, that’s a democracy system. Because publics elect for politicians. So, individual public or rich people’s donated funds for all the political parties or individual politicians. It’s normal for political systems everywhere around the world.

      Do you think all the politicians will allow for Lie Detector test before nomination election 🙂

  2. Ron says:

    Dhillon who?

  3. Bob says:

    “He has been accused by some that he claims to be a lawyer when he isn’t”.

    Well this is an interesting claim.


  4. Matt says:

    Glad to see you are on this Warren.

    Jim Ross is also co-owner of ElectRight, he is Dykstra’s man back home in St Catharines, there are rumours that his wife Logan was working at the table with the 27 or so stuffed ballots at the Ottawa West-Napean nomination ElectRight works with Babu and Sri the Brampton and Scarborough Tamil/Sikh community organizers that flood their people into nominations. I also heard they were the ones involved with the CPC Leadership membership fraud fiasco in the Bernier campaign that the CPC buried. That is just the tip of the ice berg.

  5. Yes, let’s look under the hood of the entire Ontario PC party. I suspect there are all kinds skeletons, especially amoung PC caucus members. Let’s get s good look at all their backers…

  6. James says:

    You should check @RealNewsWarrior on twitter.

    Jass Johal has been accused of racism, sexual misconduct, being friends with Snov, lying about being a lawyer, etc.

  7. Kevin says:

    BREAKING! 40 minutes ago the Globe and Mail published this story – apparently Brown made a deal with Jas Joval to sell him his interest in the Barrie restaurant and some aeroplan miles for $375,000!


  8. F U says:

    If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were a SORE LOSER Warren Kinsella. Take a bow. Probably shouldn’t be a law school professor – you keep discrediting yourself.

  9. William R Morrison says:

    I’m older than you are, and grew up in Ontario when it was governed for decades by an honest, competent, Conservative government. I can appreciate why Liberals are enjoying this–I’d be the same, if the shoe was on the other foot–but this makes me really sad, both for the province and for the democratic process generally…

    • Robert White says:

      How do you know they were ‘honest & competent’? Were you a neutral third party forensic accounting auditor?

      All governments are corrupt in the final analysis of governments over time. This is why opposition parties wait for current governance to commit political suicide through a thousand cuts on the way to the Hangman’s gallows of elections. Currently, in Ontario, the doctors have switched allegiance to the Progressive Conservative Party because the Ontario Liberals won’t back off of the tax that doctors now have to pay on their incorporated small businesses. This electoral round the government is telling the doctors that they too have to cough up some taxation to pay for services that run the province. The doctors enjoy their wealth transfer and wealth extraction via sweetened deals with successive governments.

      I’m with the Wynne Liberals on taxing the God damned greedy doctors and their super sweet deals they have enjoyed over the last twenty years in Ontario whilst the rest of society got sweet fuck all of a deal from successive governance.

      ‘Honest & competent’, eh??????????


  10. TIM says:

    RealNewsWarrior on twitter just exposed PC Party President Jag Badwals ties to Jass Johal and charged with fraud man Snover aka Snawar Dhillon. Check out the tweets and evidence

  11. Leanne says:

    Just found this older article…Warren was right! And even with Ford as leader…

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