02.26.2018 05:02 PM

The Patrick Clown Show comes to an end


  1. 3SES says:

    Wonder how long until Brown gets a seat in the Senate.

  2. Robert L says:


  3. Robert White says:

    Bay Street will pick the pathetic loser up in the revolving door of government by the end of next month. He will lose the libel case guaranteed, and that house on Simcoe will be on the MLS in short order, at a reduced price.

    Thanks for resigning again, Mr. Brown.

    Bon voyagee!


    • RDL says:

      I agree that he will lost against CTV. He hasn’t actually sued CTV as such. He was just making noise, as usual. I’m so glad he’s gone. And, yup – he will lose that expensive house.

  4. oldretiredbutactive says:

    Would like to thank Warren for his role in this story over the past month (when there was considerable blow-back). Warren kept the flashlight on the creepy crawly creatures that come out at night.

    Tonight is a good night for Ontario, no matter where you are politically.

    (Lots of stories to tell)

    • Robert White says:

      Agreed, I could only find Warren and his flashlight working the case for the whole story almost. Warren nailed the whole thing every day of it IMO.


  5. Charlie says:

    Barely a month ago people were referring to this guy as the premier in waiting.


    On the plus side, Ontarians can finally all go back to paying attention to the other leadership candidates like Doug “Just- Watch-Me” Ford, Caroline “Money” Mulroney, Tanya “Dear-God!” Allen and Christine “Why-Not?” Elliot.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I think Elliott wins but Ford is a wild card who could pull off an upset. If male seniors turn out as the largest reliable voting group, Elliott will unexpectedly be in for a very bad night.

    This new Doug Ford impresses people.

    • Pedant says:

      Don’t forget the Ford-Flaherty connection. Doug will probably have no issue throwing his support behind his close family friend Christine Elliot, and she in turn will assure him a powerful spot in her cabinet if elected in June.

      Your reference to “male seniors” shows you do not fully grasp Ford’s support base. He is running in one of the most ethnically diverse ridings in the country and both he (in 2014) and his brother (in 2010) were massively popular among lower-income immigrant groups in Etobicoke and Scarborough. Old, middle-class white males would be as likely to choose Elliot or Mulroney as Ford.

      • RDL says:

        I’d have to say that Christine has a really close Flaherty connection and that could hurt her.

        • Pedant says:

          That makes zero sense. Since when is the late Jim Flaherty an unpopular or controversial figure?

          • Robert White says:

            Flaherty was a cabinet minister in the Mike Harris government Common Sense Revolution. Any alignment with Mike Harris is anathema for success. Flaherty was liked, but Mike Harris was despised.


          • Pedant says:

            Harris won two majorities. Yes, very despised. He was perhaps unpopular when he left in 2002, as long-serving politicians often are, but then so was McGuinty when he himself left a decade later. This really has nothing to do with the current PC leadership race nor the election campaign they will run. And as you point out, Flaherty was personally popular.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:



  7. Fred from BC says:

    “The Patrick Clown Show comes to an end”

    …and with it, whatever slim hope Kathleen Wynn had of somehow, miraculously being re-elected. Be careful what you wish for, no?

    • Pedant says:

      No no no. The PCs cannot assume they have this in the bag. They need to run like underdogs, eye on the prize, right up to the morning of June 7. No let-up.

  8. Gyor says:

    This is not a good thing for our democracy, politicians should be driven out of races in fear for their lives and the lives of there families. That is third world bullshit in Ontario.

    This issue is bigger then just Patrick Brown, something needs to be done so anyone can seek public office without fearing they or their families will be killed or tormented by loony stalkers.

    • Robert White says:

      I ran for public office twice, and when one enters a political race for public office one must carefully examine the past behaviour that may potentially harm one’s character if that behaviour makes it to the front page of national newspapers.
      The only way people can run for public office is very clear in that one must be sure that there is nothing in the personal history of a candidate that could derail a campaign run. I examined my own life behaviour before I ran for office knowing that one must be forthright, and ethical, if the intention is to represent citizenry as a leadership candidate.

      If you can’t print historically bad behaviour on the front page of the New York Times that in and of itself is indicator enough not to run for office. Politicians need to have a bedrock of professionalism to succeed. Unprofessionalism is not something that can be covered up, and politicians must be beyond reproach before they seek office because the reputational risks are not worth failed attempts and resulting public discontent. If the public ever turns on a politician there is no recovery, and no possibility of recovery, ever.


  9. the salamander hordes says:

    .. I think the vote gets split a bit.. but not the Doug Ford vote. That stays intact. We await word on the riding improprieties investigation.. the numbers or names or bank deposits of all those P Brown signups.

    The letter from P Brown seems more a 4 pager essay.. though in fairness, I can’t get through page one completely. The weepiness.. ‘shots were fired’ – mom n apple pie ‘protect his family’ is astonishing stuff..

    I did not truly realize that such political wankers could succeed & become ‘leaders, tho Andrew Scheer & his daily scratch from the federal pulpit should have given me fair warning

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