03.21.2018 03:03 PM

Big trouble. Big.


  1. crabby says:

    Wiley made his way from Victoria, BC, to Ignatieff’s office in Ottawa to Obama’s data group and on to the Liberal Democrats in London. It seems he was rebuffed at every turn. Someone from the Lib Dems, however, brought him to SCL where they brought him straight in and then set up Cambridge Analytica with Robert Mercer’s funding and Steve Bannon on the board.

    Along the way, Wylie and a bunch of his buddies launched AggregateIQ, a start up that was paid half of the Brexit “Leave” campaign’s budget. AIQ was credited with Leave’s upset victory.

    AIQ is still in business. Lately it has solicited the BC Libs to help them oust the NDP in the next provincial elections. Talk about birds of a feather.

  2. Kev says:

    The Tories will be very unwise to kick too hard at this hornet’s nest, lest anyone start asking where the many tens of millions of points of data populating CIMS came from, how it got there, and who paid for it.

  3. Lee Hill says:

    $100k! Man am I in the wrong line of work. Note to self: watch youtube video on “coding for Dummies” next time at cool coffee place with free wi-fi down the road.

  4. Terence Quinn says:

    In Canada Wylie is a “tempest in a teapot”. Nothing more.

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