, 03.10.2018 04:18 PM

I got tired of waiting for PCPO leadership results

So I tweeted stuff.

Pro tips, PC friends:

  • If voters see that you can’t run your own house, they won’t let you run the province
  • If you need media coverage, and all opposition parties do, messing up your leadership convention’s media coverage is a really bad idea
  • If you think the networks won’t pull the plug on you, you are dreaming in Technicolour


  1. Ned Ludd says:

    Mayhem in Markham!

    Not great optics, for sure.

    Interesting that Caroline Mulroney does a repeat of her father in the 1976 Federal PC leadership campaign.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      They got off on the wrong foot: too much flash, too much cash raised. Made it look like a mind-meld of elites.

      • Ned Ludd says:

        Well said!….what amazes me is that the daughter, (who like father, almost expected to be annointed), would basically make the same mistake as Pere on her first time out. History repeating itself.

  2. Robert White says:

    Ford winning, but the anal sex curriculum lady is guaranteed a cabinet seat as Education Critic so we can
    expect to be winning for the next four years minimum on the laughs she will provide us, and late night comedy.

    Ford will align with Orange Jesus Cheeto-head-in-cheese south of the border. Once Ford does that he will be finished in the legislature. I like Doug Ford, but as soon as the right-wing embraces him he will be toast politically.

    The right just can’t govern anything except the right fringe.

    I predicted a Ford win pre-election, and that Elliot would finish second. At least that worked out.

    Love how the brass put their money on Mulroney and lost.


  3. Rich W says:

    Unbelievable,Wynne must be laughing her head off.
    This party needed voting plan that were tested thoroughly many times plus fault-free, tested back up plans with 2 perhaps 3 trial runs of every aspect from voting to reporting results.
    Zero attention to basics is the message they managed to put out province wide.
    Go long on clown shoe futures.

  4. Charlie says:

    I would defend the PCs and say that putting together a leadership convention in such little time would expectedly produce some glitches, but this should be almost reflexive for a party that does them so, so often.

    • Matt says:

      It’s the 4th in 15 years. Tory, Hudak, Brown, Ford (unofficial)

      Same number as the federal Liberals who had 4 in 10 years. Martin, Dion, Ignatieff, Trudeau.

      Just saying.

  5. Matt says:

    Didn’t the networks pull the plug on the NDP leadership race wher Mulcair won??

    Or am I misremembering.

  6. James Smith says:

    I stuck around until the bitter end when Lyn McLeod was elected Liberal Leader in Hamilton – just as the bars closed. For you wiper snappers She was the Liberal Leader who gave Ontario Mike the Knife….

  7. James Smith says:

    Wow, another half hour. Just a “don’t count your chickens” warning to my Tory friends. I’ve spent most of the afternoon knocking on doors for a Liberal cabinet minister who IS running for re-election & I was shocked at how good the reception was. Yes this was a Liberal Poll in a held riding but don’t believe conventional wisdom about Ms Wynn being toast. For all my Grit friends; the same comment goes for the perceived winner (?) Mr Ford – we Grits need to work like crazy as our host sez, ask Mr Smitherman!

    • Robert White says:

      I just spent 20 years assisting the PC Party of Ontario. Now that I am turning my back on the Regressive Misogyny Party, and their miscreants, I am a newly minted Grit-meister that need not work like crazy to assist the Liberal Party. All they have to do is govern the center and the fringe will lose every time. Toronto GTA is the ticket every time and every Liberal knows it. The 416 & 905 are easily locked down by the Liberals in Ontario.

      Another four years at helm is in the bag, man.

  8. Matt says:

    Was just told this whole delay is on Christine Elliott.

    She is refusing to accept the results.

    Ford won clean.

    She demanded a recount.

    Ford won the recount.

    Now she’s claiming vote allocation errors gave unfair weighting to some ridings.

  9. James Smith says:

    Well I can’t seem to get this image out of my head tonight, any thoughts why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6tdYDZgSe8

  10. Matt says:

    Sweet Jebus.

    Frank Klees and Georgio Mammoliti were just interviewed.

    How to describe it……………. unhelpful?

  11. Terry says:

    The Ernie Eaves thing killed me. Hahaha! He actually looks like a guy who might clean out my eaves.

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