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Jordon Cooper, RIP

I have been doing this stupid web site for nearly two decades. In that time, I have made the acquaintance of some extraordinary people.

Jordon Cooper was one of them. We never met, face to face – he was in his beloved Saskatoon, and I was always somewhere else, and we kept missing each other – but we corresponded enough, over the years. I got to know him, a bit.

He loved his wife Wendy deeply, and was so proud to become a Dad. And he possessed this wonderful wit, with a truly progressive conservative sensibility. What a writer he was!

He’d send me notes, like the one below, and he’d make me laugh or think, or both. I put him high up on my blogroll – remember those? – and I never regretted it. He was this gentle, wise man.

Sitting here in the kitchen, just me and the dogs, and I am so extraordinarily sad to just now learn of his passing. A guy I never met, face-to-face.

We are diminished by his passing. Believe me.

My deepest condolences to Wendy and their sons.

Name: Jordon CooperEmail: jordoncooper@gmail.com

Subject: Give back to YouTube


On Thursday, January 17, 2008, 10:54 AM, Jordon Cooper wrote:


I was looking for the clip of you with Barney and Tim Powers on YouTube and it isn’t there. I am assuming that probably you and Stockwell Day are the only ones that have a copy of the clip and since I can’t lobby Day to upload it without registering as a lobbyist, I thought I would see if I could talk you into uploading it.

That and some political consultant in future decades may want to name his or her consultancy firm, “Barney” and they will need a copy of the clip to explain their choice of names.



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    Willie P says:

    Nice, Warren. I followed Jordon’s blog for a number of years and although we rarely saw eye-to-eye on political issues, I appreciated his candor and his love for Saskatoon and his family. I know his last few months were painful, and I’m glad he’s now at rest.

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    Scott Tribe says:


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    Deb Solberg says:

    Jordon was an exceptional person. We didn’t always agree, who does? He commented a few months ago, in light of his uncertain (or certain) future, should he ‘go dark’ or keep engaging? I told him I thought we needed to hear from him and he needed to keep doing what he loved, corresponding with us. He did, and I’m grateful. Thanks Warren, for noticing what a terrific human Jordon was. #RIP my friend, you will most certainly be missed.

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