, 03.12.2018 10:57 AM

Kinsellacast: Lisa Hate Tweets and the Spin Twins™!

Boring weekend, eh?

Just kidding.

So: Doug Ford – Ford Nation – has won the leadership of the political party most likely to form government in just 87 days. Amazing, huh?

All over Deepest Annex, soy lattés are being spit up, hybrids are being driven into the sides of tofu bars, and Birkenstocked-New Agers are playing the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan to drown out the sounds of their sobs.

Me?  I think it’s all kind of amusing.  I grew up in Ralph Klein’s Alberta, after all. And I think everyone needs to take a great big gluten-free Valium.

Herewith, then, is the latest Kinsellacast – containing my ten tweeted reasons why everyone needs to chill; Lisa’s fave hate tweets from her time at CTV, punditizing about the PC leadership schmozzle; and the Spin Twins™, offering up juicy commentary about what went down, and what will go down.

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  1. Pedant says:

    Just being my pedantic self, but I believe you grew up in Peter Lougheed’s Alberta, Warren 🙂

    And he was quite the mensch!

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Off topic but more from a silly and predictable world:

    U of Regina suspects ‘significant’ number of students cheated in law and ethics class.

    And we old-timers had concerns that the coming generation were incapable of adequately representing the…

  3. Steve T says:

    Your column made me laugh so hard that my Second Cup dark roast (black) came out my nose, and I drove my 2009 Dodge Caravan into the side of the local brew pub!

  4. Robert White says:

    I have Bob Dylan sunglasses too, but I really want the John Lennon specs with the rose coloured lenses.

    Incumbent Premier Kathleen Wynne is going to upstage Ford’s ‘hopey changey’ ‘Help is on the way, folks’ false charm.

    Wynne is reality based and Ford is tripping on the double sets of books that he has not accessed yet, Warren. Ford is all talk & puffery. Puffery is not going to garner the helm in October.


    • billg says:

      Since when didn’t “puffery” work?
      Mr. Trudeau won many swing votes with the NDP in the last election promising to cancel our traditional first past the post electoral system, then found out he’d never win another majority if he went thru with it, classic “puffery”.
      Ms. Wynne and Mr. Soussa promised Ontario 8 months ago that there would be no more borrowing and that thanks to them the budget would be balanced and stay balanced. Bring in the “puffery”.
      Politicians get away with puffery because we let them.
      So, if I’m Ford I pile the puffery on cuz it obviously works.

    • Charlie says:

      Man, this sounds a lot like trolling.

  5. David White says:

    Interesting. Seeing as your podcast is about 20 mins long I would love to hear you and the spin twins kick around an issue for 10 mins followed by Lisa and two of Daisy’s female staffers kick around the same issue for 10 mins. Could be enlightening to hear how men and women approach the same issue, separately. You could start with Doug Ford / Kathleen Wynne. I have enjoyed these so far, keep going please.

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