04.22.2018 03:30 PM

Chariot of the Gods

I love my wife, my six kids, my Mom, my brothers, Jean Chrétien, punk rock and this. Today, for the first time in 2018, my ‘74 Super is back on the road. Good God Almighty, I love this car.


  1. Ray says:

    Sweet ride.
    I learned basic roadmanship of a manual transmission on one of a similar vintage. There’s something oddly ubiquitous about the VolksDragon.

  2. Robert White says:

    Cool, a piss yellow 2 door coup hardtop with a four speed manual & a racing sticker on the back window.

    Nice chrome trim too!

    Watch out for car thieves targeting vintage classics in the TO area. Make sure to park it indoors.


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