04.11.2018 07:03 AM

Donald Trump isn’t just an asshole

…he’s the biggest fucking idiot in the history of the world.


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Agree with your premise but this was also a red-line for Obama. Trouble is, he blinked, in spite of the poison gas.

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    Robert White says:

    The Corporation of the United States of America is bankrupt and cannot pay the debts owed to foreign investors. At $21 trillion deficit, and counting, in conjunction with Quantitative Tightening, there is no more money to boost markets, and stocks, to infinity. With an imploding stock market, and no incoming stimulus to keep stocks levitated, the whole house-of-cards is subject to mean reversion due to Central Limit Theorem. Statistically, the USA has no choice but to go to war as means to further ends of profit, and to forestall systemic collapse of the banking sector which is fully dependent upon growth in excess of 3% or it defaults on previous mark-to-market accounting that based growth on pre-08 crash markets.

    Cheeto-in-chief is merely the Deep State meat puppet on display. NATO partners know that thermonuclear war means certain annihilation.


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