04.28.2018 08:34 AM

Gomery the Second? (Updated)

I am reliably informed that the new Ontario government may well launch an inquiry into the fees paid, here, to a certain Wizard and an allied “speechwriting” firm, and a particular “interim management” outfit, as well.

My goodness gracious, wouldn’t that be a bit of schadenfreude?

UPDATE: Oh, look. And here’s an Order Paper question filed up in Ottawa, just this week. Have a nice day, Mr. Goodale, et al.


  1. Elliot says:

    These numbers are astounding. Nobody — and I mean NOBODY — should ever be making that much money off Government. Ever. It’s just straight up _____ and both the recipient and the person(s) who approved such preposterous fees should be ______.

  2. Miles Lunn says:

    They might, especially considering the Gomery inquiry helped bring down the Martin government. I somehow doubt your old boss would have called it, he would have just turned everything over to the RCMP handle and let it go from there.

  3. terence quinn says:

    Ford might as well get ahead of the game. He will screw up much more than that.

  4. Matt says:

    Ontario fundraising numbers were released today for first quarter 2018:

    OPC – $945,970
    OPL – $488,542
    NDP – $317,305
    Green – $128,376

    OPC raised more than the other three combined.


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