05.27.2018 08:31 AM

$70,000 a month: boy, the Wizard sure is doing a great job!

Abacus this morning. Still means slim Ford majority, Horwath opposition, Wynne Liberals kept alive by endangered species laws.

Great job, Wizard! Way to go, Board!


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    Matt says:

    United Steelworkers local 2251 in Sault St. Marie has voted to support the Ontario PC’s.

    First time since they started doing endorsements in 1960 they haven’t endorsed the NDP.


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    Alan Smithee says:

    “Abacus this morning.”

    Actually, this poll was released last Sunday and was conducted May 16-18.


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    Richard Besserer says:

    I see the NDP surging, at the expense of both parties. Doug Ford is clearly in over his head in a provincial campaign (laugh at those of us who laugh at cheap beer all you like, Warren…).

    If the NDP had run better candidates, they might be in majority territory already.

    Only reason the Liberals might hang on in Ottawa-Vanier (where I live) is that the NDP candidate there is a university student who clearly isn’t ready for political office.

    Then again, neither was Ruth-Ellen Brosseau.

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