05.05.2018 08:38 AM

Breaking: Wizard turns red into blue and orange

What a magician! He and his apprentice, BeerAndPopcorn, are amazing!

PS – Thanks to Jimmy Warren for the link!


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    Retiredbutstillactive says:

    Warren, was wondering what you think of this. There is a person on Twitter today hinting an Ontario political party leader is having an affair with a candidate from the same party, and it will come out when the election begins. Anything to it or just another attention seeker?

    Thanks for your great site.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    If these results pan out, which is far from certain, looks like a PC landslide, NDP opposition and Liberals lucky to hold official party status. This is worse than what the Liberals did federally in 2011 when they only won 11 seats in Ontario. As for PCs, if they are winning just a few seats in the 416, they have a majority. Lets remember in 2008 federally, they got 51 out of 106 seats in Ontario yet zero in the 416 so they need a shut out in the 416 to be kept out of government (If the Liberals implode completely and it becomes an NDP/PC race then things can change, in that case probably use BC on a demographic basis for predictions with the type of ridings that would go BC Liberal going PC and type who would go NDP there going NDP).

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      The Doctor says:

      Part of the hazard in the old Liberal strategy of lurching left is that sometimes, a lot of of voters are going to react by going for the left wing Real Deal, i.e., the NDP. Adam Radwanski’s article in today’s Globe is absolutely correct: this election is potentially existential for the Ontario Liberals.

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    Pedro says:

    Somehow, somewhere, and looks like many-where, people have looked at this “make the rich pay” for free everything, including save the earth from carbon and, having gotten nickel-and-dimed to death, including now paying a Ontario Health Premium, and now have a good view of the “prestige” after the “pledge” and the “turn”. They also realize, “Hey! I’m the “rich” guy?!” They look left and see more of the same with the NDP. All is good with my world, though I’ve waited wayyy too long to see the patently unserious people governing at Queen’s Park turfed out. The complete betrayal by Kathleen Wynne of the public trust that tax revenue IS has been obvious to me for a long time and it is becoming apparent to many others.

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    Pedant says:

    I do love seat projection maps!

    The most noteworthy thing about that map?

    Wynne’s Don Valley West riding, right there in the centre of Toronto, is painted blue.

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      Adam says:

      Well, it is one of the wealthier ridings in Toronto if I recall, which means it’s also fertile ground for the PCs.

      Plus, if the change sentiment is so strong, the local voters likely have extra incentive to want her gone.

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        Pedant says:

        It’s the wealthiest riding in Toronto, possibly in all of Ontario.

        But under the populist Doug Ford, the rule that wealthier voters lean Tory does not apply. So it isn’t really fertile ground for them. Winning there would mean a 90+ seat landslide and Liberals under 10 seats.

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          Adam says:

          What, you don’t think the wealthy aren’t decamping for the PCs too? Polls have been showing that, if you get down to the detailed data breakdowns.

          The Liberals are usually the party of the rich, but no doubt Wynne and her government’s mismanagement is turning them off. And the wealthy don’t turn to the NDP when the Liberals disappoint them.

          What the PCs’ current dominance tells me is that they’re building a coalition not just of right-wing populists but wealthy voters as well.

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            Pedant says:

            They’re going to the PC because they’re in landslide territory, and therefore building among ALL groups.

            If this were a close race, the wealthy would be voting mostly Liberal in my opinion.

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            Adam says:

            Well yes, beyond a certain critical mass, more and more voters will jump on the bandwagon of a given party just because they want to vote for a winner.

            The wealthy will tend to vote for whoever is going to leave the most money in their own pockets and in the bank accounts of the corporations that they own. And right now, that’s the PCs.

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    Gord says:

    Will this be a repeat of the federal Grit experience during the Martin era?

    Win the first campaign (federal 2004, Ontario 2014) by lurching to the left and pulling it out of the fire at the end. Run a trainwreck of a campaign for round two (federal 2006) and lose.

    The difference here is that I don’t think voters are as skeptical of the PC and NDP alternatives as they were of Harper in 2006. Meaning the respectable showing of 2006 federally could be a blowout in Ontario in 2018. Time will tell.

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