, 05.25.2018 08:44 AM

Case study: “Deal Duca” and Anybody-But-Wynne

My view, expressed below, is this: the biggest story of the Ontario 2018 election isn’t so much the Orange Crush™ or whether DoFo was the wrong choice.  It’s the total collapse of the Ontario Liberal vote.

Case in point:  this LiUNA effort – which isn’t pro-Tory or pro-Dipper as much as it is anti-Wynne (and, specifically, Carpenter’s Union pension-holder Steven del Duca).

This election is extraordinary.  As with this web site, I believe it will be remembered for one thing: how voters of every persuasion came together not so much to reward Andrea Horwath or Doug Ford – but more to punish, and drive out, Kathleen Wynne.

As I – and, um, me myself and I – have been saying for a long time, all this could have been avoided, if (a) Kathleen Wynne had taken a walk in the snow a year ago; (b) if the OLP had fired The Wizard™ and The Board™ she had hired and grossly enriched, and (c) new blood and ideas had been brought in.

They didn’t do any of that.  What they got, as a result, is stuff like www.dealDuca.org.  Across the province.


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    Matt says:

    Probably reading to much into it, or maybe just wishing on my part, but given some of the Ontario Liberals team is also part of Trudeau’s team, like the “fixer” on loan to the OLP, does this say anything about the federal Liberal chances in Ontario come 2019?

    Or is all this exclusively about Kathleen Wynne?

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    Doron Berger says:

    I will add that parties that get in bed with unions are in for a reckoning if they ever cross them.

    Perhaps it’s better not to rely on unions in the first place?

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    julian says:


    I have had conversations with old school, longtime PC voters who, faced with a ‘drug dealer’ and the person who sold off Hydro [among other things], feel there’s no choice but to vote NDP. I’m curious if the NDP knows this and is playing into it. They should be if they want to win. There is a growing chance that Ford won’t go up the middle of the vote split, based on how irrelevant the LPO is.

    Sincerely, etc

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      John says:

      Just curious, but have the people who dont want to vote for the ‘drug dealer’ ever met the man? Talk to people who have worked with him if you want a recommendation. Give him a chance for crying out loud.

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        doconnor says:

        I’ve been watching him in the debates and everything from what he says, how he speaks and how he looks suggests to me he is a slick con-man.

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    Matt says:


    Chrystia Freeland predicts Ontario Liberals will win the June 7th election.

    Should someone that delusional be trying to re-negotiate NAFTA with Trump??


    “TORONTO— At a campaign rally in Scarborough Thursday night, Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne brought in some federal firepower.

    Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott were on hand in the east end Toronto community, which was a Liberal stronghold in the last provincial election.

    With more than 600 people in attendance, according to the Liberals, Philpott and Freeland each took a turn at the mic to heap praise on Wynne and commend her for mentoring them when they first entered politics.

    Despite the beating the Liberals are taking in the polls, Freeland predicted the Liberals would have the last laugh on June 7.

    “I know we’re going to win because she is a fantastic campaigner,” Freeland said. “Remember that campaigns matter, remember that having a brilliant, strong, inspiring, authentic leader really, really matters and we are going to be celebrating in a couple of weeks.”

    The mere fact Wynne had to bring TWO federal Cabinet ministers into a Ontarion Liberal “stronghold” riding should have given Freeland a clue the Wynne Liberals probably aren’t doing so good.

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