, 05.28.2018 12:04 PM

That’s not a campaign, that’s advanced rigor mortis

The last time a campaign did something this stupid, you may recall, was 2005-2006.

That campaign was run by The Wizard™️.

And we all remember how it turned out, don’t we?


  1. Lou says:

    Warren, I’ve finally figured it out. The wizard is trying to cash in on the popularity of “The Office”. Who is cast as Dwight?

  2. Gyor says:

    I’ve heard it suggested that this wasn’t an act if deseperation, it was a purposeful act of someone who knows his party is toast, yet will do anything to stop Doug Ford, even if that means sabotaging his own party to help the NDP win.

  3. Matt says:

    Two new polls out today showing different things.

    Mainstreet (May 26 -27, decided and leaning vote)
    NDP 39.3
    OPC 37.9
    OLP 16

    Ipsos (May 25 – 27, decided vote)
    OPC 37
    NDP 34
    Libs 22

    Only thing all companies seem to agree on – the Liberals are not going to be forming the government June 8th.

  4. Kevin says:

    I think they’re past the stage of salvaging any dignity. All we need now is for the OLP cabinet to dress up in costume and walk around barefoot.

    Those Liberals with any dignity left are going to have quite the mess to clean up.

  5. Bruce M says:

    Suggestion is my local Liberal member expected she would survive and was testing support for a leadership run. Now she’s fixated on saving her seat. I expect she’ll transition back to leadership contest as soon as she survives. If she survives.

  6. Kev says:

    Where is Mme Sgro?

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