06.23.2018 06:53 AM

Adler-Kinsella on Trudeau and Trump


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    Stormy Spaniels says:

    Seems like many underestimated Trump – he wasn’t even supposed to make the nomination let alone the election. Seems you still underestimate him. The more Trump stokes anti-male sentiments, the more Democrat-progressive-Liberal males go to the wall. Even Mr Sensitive Justin Trudeau is now denounced as a vile groper and demoralized – hence the lack of “get angry!” #StillWithHer and #MeToo is driving males to the right – they have nowhere else to go. Maybe all men are pigs – the pigs still want political representation. Chrystia Freeland types and the coddled 50% female cabinet smell blood: the quicker Trudeau is gone they reason, the quicker they get their shot at moving up the ladder. A real mutiny is brewing. If the Right can depend on a burgeoning male majority base, they only need a modest amount of females. By contrast, Dems-Libs-progressives are trying to maintain a political movement based on male-loathing females. Then, the demographic problem: progressive females reproduce well below replacement fertility. (Godmother Angela Merkel, zero children.) More progressive are dying than are being born.

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    Walter says:

    I think you underestimate Trudeau – and his team.

    The goal was never about making a deal on NAFTA. It was to find a way of using Canadians hatred of Trump as a campaign tool for 2019. There is no doubt that this has been the strategy since day 1. Delay as long as possible and then use the anti-Trump sentiment to boost Trudeau’s popularity as the election approaches.

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    Hobo Bob says:

    So, the strategy is to plunge Canada into the worst economic contraction since the Great Depression to boost Trudeau’s popularity? This was Hugo Chávez’s strategy. Living off canned beans with a picture of King Trudeau taped to the wall of my shanty seems a rather Pyrrhic victory.

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