06.16.2018 04:13 AM

In yesterday walks today

When do we cease to be human?

Here are children waving goodbye to their parents in Łódź, many years ago. It’s not so different than the thousands of children Trump is now stealing from their parents in the US, is it?


  1. Michael Teper says:

    Children and parents are separated by criminal courts everywhere in Canada every day. Effectively, children are punished for the crimes of their parents, older siblings, uncles and aunts. How is what Mr Trump doing worse than what is done all the time in… Brampton?

    • doconnor says:

      Besides dramatically increasing the number of migrants facing criminal charges and seperations, Trump is also detaining and seperating families that are claiming refugee status.

      • SodaClub says:

        The picture of caged children being circulated is from the Obama era, just ensure you aren’t misinformed.

    • Kevin says:

      Good to know. So long as we only terrorize children the same amount as those guys over there, we’re covered. That’s a relief. Sure had me going there for a minute.

    • doconnor says:

      In Canada, people who are arrested that have custody of children almost always get bail.

  2. Luke says:

    After watching Freeland’s speech the other day, I am very hopeful and relieved to know that she (and presumably others on the world stage) understands and feels the gravity of the geopolitical state of the world at this time. I hope those kinds of voices prevail.

    • whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

      Freeland is somewhat in denial. She included everyone who disagreed with the notion that all is well with the global liberal democratic order with the deplorables.

      The so-called global liberal democratic order is failing. It is failing because it is no longer liberal, nor democratic. It is failing because it is exacerbating wealth inequality, and it is being transformed into neofeudalism before our eyes. She even wrote about it in her book, but then she defends this decaying corrupt system that from which the neofeudal new world order is being born.

      • The Doctor says:

        And Trump is all about reducing wealth inequality?

        Besides which, a number of reputable studies have shows that people who vot for Trump and other nativists do so primarily for culture wars reasons, not for economic reasons. Go on Breitbart. There’s a reason that their go-to stories have to do with immigration, muslims, Mexicans, Hillary, Obama and Hollywood liberals saying dumb things. Things economic are way down the list.

        • whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

          Where did I say the alternative should be Trump? The choice is not Trump or NotTrump. The choice of Trump is actually the exact same choice as NotTrump. A dialectic resolution is actually required.

          This existing order is failing irreversibly. It has become non-liberal and undemocratic. It is giving birth to neofeudalism.

          (For example, an EU budget apparatchik after the populist parties of the left and right won in Italy, that they had ways of “teaching” the Italian people to vote properly.)

          Reasonable people have to offer something other than the status quo in North America and Europe, or the people are going to choose the extreme options.

          (Will Merkel even survive the week?)

          Brazil was able to prosecute its elites in the massive PetroBras corruption scandal. Obama and Holder prosecuted not a single banker for the crimes which led to the global economic crisis.

          The times-are-a-changing. Are reasonable people going to be the change or are they going to be the obstacle.

          If you make it the status quo vs. the forces of darkness…the forces of darkness are going to win, because the status quo has itself become corrupt and dark.

          I say “repent” and honestly recognise what has gone wrong with the existing order of things.

          Trump Derangement Syndrome (both for and against Trump) are paths to hell.

          Raging against Trump is just as dangerous as raging for Trump, because both mean that you are not thinking.

          The problem was here before Trump, and it will not be gone after he has left the scene.

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