, 06.08.2018 02:43 PM

KINSELLACAST 17: Spin Twin and Lisa on the election! Warren on the election! Campaign staffers on the election!

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  1. David White says:

    Those Hot Nasties are really starting to grow on me. Was checking local record stores for vinyl, nothing yet. But in other matters I really think you are being unfair with respect to Wynne and Pupatello. I watched the TVO election coverage (sorry Ms. K) and saw Ms. P. She is well spoken but apart from people who really care about politics she is forgettable. Discussing the election with others on Friday, I mentioned Ms. P and almost all said “Sandra who”. When I reminded them who she is, the sentiment was, next Lib leader has to be someone new, no McGuinty Libs, no Wynne Libs (sounds like Ms. K).
    To be fair, most people I know are conservatives. I really think this past vote passed judgement on the whole 15 year Lib term and not just the past 4 – 5 years and Ms. Wynne. I just don’t think a new leader, especially a McGuinty Lib would have made much difference.

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