06.04.2018 02:23 PM

Me with Batra on Sun TV on Wynne’s Surrender Room

Just like the old days!


  1. Pedant says:

    If Ford wins a majority government while losing the popular vote, the voices calling for electoral reform will grow much much louder, and rightly so. The FPTP situation will have become so utterly untenable that it simply cannot continue in its current form. I am hoping for a minority government.

    • Matt says:

      Today Mainstreet released their final poll this morning.

      OPC 39
      NDP 34.3
      Libs 20.2

      And if I recall correctly, Gordon Campbell out in BC lost the popular vote but won a majority.

      • Fred from BC says:

        No Canadian Prime Minister has won the popular vote since Brian Mulroney, have they? Nor did JKF. Doesn’t seem to matter.

        • Matt says:

          Well, yes every PM has “won” the popular vote in the sense their got a higher popular vote percentage than any of the othe parties.

          Mulroney was the last to get a true majority of the popular vote of over 50%.

          I’m guessing Pedant meant if the NDP were to get say 37% of the vote and the OPC got 35% but the OPC won a majority government with a smaller popular vote percentage

      • Gord says:

        Re: Campbell – other way around. He won the popular vote in 96 42-39 but lost the seat count 39-33 (I believe one W. Kinsella worked on that campaign). Then he won a lopsided majority of 77-2 with almost 58% of the vote in 2001. These two distorted results back-to-back was what prompted the initial move to electoral reform in BC. Unfortunately the Citizens Assembly blew it by recommending a complicated Rube Goldberg-ian system that nobody without an advanced degree in mathematics could explain or understand.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      The Liberals in Ottawa just pissed it away and I expect ditto in Ontario, if Ford wins.

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