06.05.2018 08:37 AM

Star Deco story leak: we have a winner


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    whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    Shouldn’t the state of the “estates” and the financial state of the actual company been identified in the leadership candidate vetting process?

    Is not financial disclosure part of a normal leadership candidate vetting process?

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    Matt says:

    Heard Horwath talking about this this morning. Calling Ford’s character into question.

    Hope she keeps it up because she’ll get her ass sued for libel.

    This situation has nothing to do with Doug. Rob made decisions about his assets when he was going through his problems that Renata didn’t know about.

    People have been wispering in her ear for a while Doug is screwing her over. He isn’t.

    They are using Renata to try and hurt Doug’s chances of winning the election. They are scumbags.

    There is A LOT of stuff going on here the media isn’t reporting. I can name names and give other details, but I don’t want to get Warren sued.

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      Phil says:

      OK, Matt – yes or no – do you have enough knowledge or material that you yourself would be able to offer an absolute rebuttal? That’d be simple enough without you having to divulge anything more.

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      David White says:

      More information in the Star yesterday….
      Rob did not leave a very detailed will (sad but not surprising) but what he did document was divided between his wife and 2 kids.
      The will did not mention shares in DECO. You have to think Rob would have shares in the company started by his father.
      To date, the estate has made 0 payouts to the wife or kids or a trust for the kids.
      Additional bank accounts and insurance policy (not declared in the will) have since been discovered.
      There has been no proper accounting of Rob’s estate provided by Doug (executor).
      There has been no company valuation done on DECO as there should have been if Rob has shares.
      What is available publicly seems to validate Rob’s wife’s claims and reflects poorly on Doug.
      Not sure what this does for Doug’s chances but you
      cannot blame the wife for launching legal action.

      In other news, saw my first STOP DOUG VOTE LIBERAL sign this morning in Oakville/North Burlington. Recently, number of red and orange signs growing, blue seem to be holding steady.
      Thank god we do not vote for Premier. If PC win majority it will be in spite of Ford not because of him. Not sure how but I hope and think the caucus will not tolerate 4 years of Doug Ford mismanagement and a leadership review will be called before term is out. Too many talented other people in caucus to stay silent if Premier Ford brings chaos and incompetence to Queens Park. Personally, I am voting Blue because I like my local candidate. The Liberal candidate would also be worthy of a vote but I cannot bring myself to vote liberal again… maybe for some time.

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        doconnor says:

        It is a lot easier to remove an premier then a president. I can see Ford losing a few MPPs to scandal and a few defect and suddenly he loses his majority. After losing a confidence vote the Lt. Governor appoints Christine Elliott as premier with the support of the PC caucus and the defectors.

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    Tom Sansone says:

    Scorned by the weather channel

    Diamonds in the greenspace rough,
    Toll roads,
    Lisi Licensing,
    Carbon copy the utilities while baiting hospitals,
    Morning call policies, and ipse dixit on charge X banquets,

    Who’s next on the trust list?

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    doconnor says:

    The accusations of poor business planning are consistent with this report from 2014


    They are also consistent with how he has run the campaign.

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    Ontario White Proud says:

    This desperate ploy is only going to fire up the Ford base. Get them to the polls.

    It must have come from PC masters of the universe. They’re not too bright. They blew up Patrick Brown because they thought he was too centrist. Then wound up with Doug Ford as leader!

    If they thought Brown was going to tarnish their brand, they ain’t seen nothing yet!

    I imagine ON Liberals have big smiles on their faces. 2023 is going to be a cakewalk election. They won’t even have to campaign.

    Out with the old blue blood, in with the new. And another 15 years before Ontarians can get rid of them!

    Kinda funny when you think about it!

    “Premier Ford” (with the absolute-power of a fake-majority government.) I think ON Liberals are beginning to like the sound of this. (Same with the Trudeau Liberals come to think of it.) Kinda rolls right off of the tongue!

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      Matt says:

      As opposed to the fake majority Liberal government?

      Last I checked the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals never had 50% plus one of the popular vote.

      But those were Liberal wins, so all’s good, right.

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        Ontario White Proud says:

        Clearly doling out absolute corrupt power to Kathleen Wynne on 38.7% of the vote was NOT a good idea.

        Giving Andrea Horwath absolute power wouldn’t be a good idea either. (Although probably nowhere near a disaster as Ford, Wynne, McGuinty, Harris, Harper, Trudeau Jr., etc.)

        That’s why democratic countries employ democracy in their elections (over a 100 of them around the world!) If government represents a majority of voters, then it’s voters’ fault if they get bad government.

        Of course, the British never would’ve been such proficient world conquerors if they believed in democracy!

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          Warren says:

          Hey, new guy: change your name. I don’t like it.

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            Kinsey says:

            Agreed. Sounds like the name was chosen to create a tainted association with the poster’s supposed lesser evil.

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