, 07.14.2018 11:05 AM

Come see us, you cheap bastards

Just ten clams. Nineteen and over. Open until 4 a.m.


  1. Raymond says:

    Is that van a VW?

  2. barn E. rubble says:

    My younger brother was the screamer (his words) and founder for his punk band, The Dear Departed. My thinking then, as it is now, that punk did for music what the internet did for pornography. IE: It allowed anybody to do it if you all you had was a want to do it. No pretext or presumption of ability, talent or even the thought, ‘maybe I’m good at this’. And apparently none expected. Much to my surprise, I found out there’s an internet documentary that featured my brother’s band and the punk scene. Sadly, my brother didn’t live long enough to see it.

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