07.01.2018 11:59 AM

Happy day, eh?

Happy Canada Day, eh.

That’s my flag up at the lake, ya hoser.


  1. Mike Milner says:

    Happy Canada Day to you and yours Warren. Hope everybody thoroughly enjoys themselves. With all that is going on in the world these days, its a great time to reflect on how we live in the greatest country on earth. I’m an unabashedly outspoken patriot when it comes to Canada. Cheers and hoist a cold one eh!

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    Happy Canada Day ya hoser! In spite of all the shit in the world I’m still happy to live in the best damned country on the planet!

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I’m far too biased to render judgment on whether this is the greatest or best country in the world. But given the way both Harper and Trudeau have handled the veterans file, I have my doubts.

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