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Nooooobody should tax-evade and then claim to be a law-and-order guy

From a few years back, but interesting.  And a watch worth $14,000! That’s keeping expensive time, Bad Boy!

‘Bad Boy’ Lastman son faces legal woes; Charged Jan. 10 at Pearson airport $14,000 in goods alleged undeclared
Bob Mitchell
Toronto Star

Bad Boy furniture czar Blayne Lastman, known for wearing jailbird garb in his television commercials, is facing his own legal troubles.

Lastman, 44, has been charged with three Canada Customs violations, including allegedly smuggling goods worth more than $14,000 into Canada at Pearson airport.

According to public court information, Lastman is alleged to have failed to tell Canada Customs inspectors that he was bringing clothing, accessories and a watch worth a total of $14,152.29 back with him into Canada after arriving on a late flight Jan. 9.

“It’s being straightened out,” said Lastman yesterday when asked about the charges. “It’s really nothing.”

Lastman said he expects the case to be settled when he appears in a Brampton court April 1.

The youngest son of former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman was charged Jan. 10 at 1: 40 a.m. by Canada Customs inspectors working Terminal 2, according to the public information filed at the Grenville & William Davis Courthouse in Brampton.

Lastman was charged with making false or deceptive statements, evading or attempting to evade paying federal duties and taxes for the goods, as well as smuggling or attempting to smuggle goods in Canada, whether clandestinely or not, that are subject to duties and taxes into the country.

The showy businessman re-launched the Bad Boy name and outlandish commercials in 1991, 16 years after his father had gotten out of the furniture and appliance business.


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    The complete AMPS document is thick as a brick. The highlights are below:


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    Peter says:

    Fourteen thousand dollars in clothing, accessories and a watch? That’s not an awful lot more that the average haul of a family of four on their annual cross-border shopping spree to the States. Of course, as a self-righteous and priggish Canadian, I condemn him without reservation, but somehow I doubt Hollywood will be making a Canadian version of Sicario out of this.

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      Derek Pearce says:

      A family of 4 is gonna spend 14K on clothes in 1 trip?Whoooooohoooo I wish i travelled in your gold plated circles. I think my poor middle class family would take several years to spend that including xmas and birthdays.

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      Jim says:

      The median family income in Canada is $70,000. $14,000 represents 20% of that.

      Do you honestly believe that, after food, shelter, etc., the average Canadian family could spend anywhere close to that amount on cross-border shopping?

      I do hope that you were being facetious.

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    Pipes says:

    The richer you are, the greedier you are, weird isn’t it?
    As far as him running for Mayor, well politics is becoming a clown car, so pile in.

    Changing the subject for a moment. I was thinking about Putin visiting the US and Trump in Russia and I think they should stay home. ( Hang on, I feel a movie coming on, I better start the screen play ). Imagine what would happen if some crazy bastard ( a terrorist or whatnot) got a lucky fatal shot at one of these leaders. It really worries me.

    Being retired, I don’t have a lot to think about, I guess I better find a job or a hobby, or write the screenplay 😉

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    Angel Martin says:

    Justin Trudeau wears an IWC Regulateur which listed at 11K $US.

    (and which hideous size shows his exquisite bad taste)

    Let’s hope Lastman tried to smuggle something vintage.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    My favourite yarn:

    The private jet landed at Mont-Joli filled with an impressive amount of the best that French vintages can offer. It was not declared to Customs. CBSA seized the wine. Then by magic, out came the so precious phone call from a certain prime minister’s office…and surprise, surprise, the wines were returned to the lucky person who then dutifully paid Duty and Taxes owed. No penalties on the transaction. (Sounds a lot like the safety deposit box thingee.)

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