07.03.2018 01:21 PM

Trudeau fan calls for my wife to be raped

Kristen and Lisa weigh in.


  1. the salamander horde says:

    .. in my view that’s a latent, loaded ‘threat’
    and anybody with such toxic sick garbage running through their brain or fingers is someone seeking the other half of a collision with the business end of a Louisville Slugger.

    The IP where such sickness came from is probably childs play to find.. for a expert level web geek or whomever.. I have always had good success reporting such stuff to the desk sergeant at an appropriate police station. Such pus sacks as the email author tend to have long backgrounds, are known to police, car likely not insured, expired license, outstanding fines.. volumes of bootleg movies & music, child pornography.. you name it – all of the above plus child support that never gets delivered.. So the Staff Sarge picks a likely rook or trusted vet.. or both and requests its given a quick poke with a sharp stick.. as always its best when the cops show up where the asshat works.. at reception or whatever.. and kindly suggests the asshat will not appreciate a 2nd visit.. as will mean a request to visit the police station, maybe publically cuffed for a more detailed visit with either Fraud Squad, Traffic Division or whatever. And when Desk Sarge & his delegate get righteous hits on asshats.. big brownie points from upstairs for bagging such scum with tiny time investment. Its just how it works with police or military police. Its comes up in the morning meeting, gets dialed into the logistics.. and its how hanging scumbags meet Johnnie Law.. surprise surprise.. and go try and sell your scam to a skeptical judge.

    Neither of you deserve such crude implied threats. Its two people being threatened.. not to mention rest of family.. and such pus sacks usually don’t know what an IP is.. think an invented nasty 2nd email addy is good cover.. but its a flashing neon sign outside the IP

    See if you can find a web wanker or guru, have hard copy and a forwarded copy of the message.. no more than an hour.. a 24 or great wine should be a fair payoff.. plus copious referrals.. have the Louiville Slugger tucked in with your umbrellas.. or parked behind an 80 lb Bouvier de Flandres.. which always works for me. Big dogs like that like a good snack.. and read situations well.. especially in the darkness

    • Mike Milner says:

      I second the Bouvier idea…its my understanding that they have a bite with about 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch. That should get somebody’s attention.

  2. Montréalaise says:

    How horrible that this is being directed at Lisa. Sick, sick people. Some Trudeau partisans are totally deranged – in your other post (how you would advise him if he was your client), you had links to CNN and the Washington Post, which allows comments. Most of the commenters are outraged that anyone would accuse JT of inappropriate behaviour and insist that the allegations are a smear campaign against JT orchestrated by (take your pick) the Conservative Party / Trump supporters / Breitbart / Warren

    • Fred from BC says:

      ” smear campaign against JT orchestrated by (take your pick) the Conservative Party / Trump supporters / Breitbart / Warren

      Ahh, so the Breitbart subterfuge *did* work, then…

      • Jane says:

        Fred, if you even for one second believe your uttering, then sir, YOU are part of the problem…not the solution…

        • Fred from BC says:

          Jane, since you clearly understood neither the reference nor why I used it, forgive me if I don’t get too upset, okay?

  3. Lou says:

    Progressives eat thier own. And as Lisa so eloquently stated, too many of these trolls have never left moms basement actually have no choice but to heed her suggestion.

  4. Steven Blake says:

    First, that’s disgusting and the person should be charged.

    Second, it’s extraordinarily sad because it’s a behaviour that’s more expected from conservatives and the fact that this level of indecent discourse has succeeded in becoming part of the progressive political narrative is … just sad.

    • Kay says:

      Expected from conservatives. No not true, just what the left likes to suggest/pretend/push what conservatives are like. I’m Conservative and am way more tolerant than the left.

      • Art says:

        Sure thing Kay. I’ve heard political partisans on both sides say some pretty disgusting things. No side has a monopoly on virtue.

    • Montréalaise says:

      Expected from conservatives? No. This kind of nasty behaviour is, sadly, coming from both ends of the political spectrum these days. Remember that when women came forward to expose the behaviour of Liberal MP Kent Hehr – they were harassed and even received death threats. I can understand why the woman in Trudeau’s case wants to remain anonymous; Hehr wasn’t even very well-liked, but to accuse PM Dreamboat McDreamy of improper conduct? Some of his supporters would turn her life into a living hell.

    • D. Anthony Domet says:

      What a disgusting lie. Conservatives are going to be the least to do or say something such as this.

      Look at the United States right now. Did a conservative ever attack an Obama associate in a restaurant?

  5. Sean says:

    There are a lot of deranged people who are unable to cope with cognitive dissonance or anyone standing up to them as you have done. By so doing you have cultivated a lot of respect!

  6. Ron Benn says:

    Steven Blake, please cite the empirical evidence to support your conclusion that “it’s behaviour more expected from conservatives”.

    What the social misfit posted is unacceptable, irrespective of that social misfit’s political leanings. Having said that, painting everyone who leans to the right politically with such blatant bigotry is also unacceptable.

  7. Pipes says:

    Let me know if you find this turd and count me in to pay this ass wipe an early morning visit- old school!

  8. Jane says:

    Reading these comments blaming the Conservatives,instead of just being outraged at what has happened, is just an example of the derangement of these folk who will deflect to lay blame on their perceived rivals, while totally minimizing the actions of a sick individual by making this attack partisan.
    If this rationalization of blaming a party rather than being disgusted by the action of a person threatening violence against an innocent, then my God, our country, which I love is doomed.
    The folks who truly have a moral compass should be generally disgusted, hope the individual is caught, prosecuted and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law, with some psychotropic drugs thrown in for good measure.
    The rest of you hateful creatures should do some self examination and empathize with Warren, pray for his family’s safety.
    Online is NOT anonymous, your IP can be traced and some things inferred, and hoped for can be construed as bullying and online threats which you can be prosecuted for…..The next door to be knocked on can be yours, and I sorta hope, the worst of you get that knock, if you don’t see the error of your ways…..courtesy of the PM in power’s new internet laws…..stay safe, get some manners, and some compassion.
    Hope you catch the guy Warren, Im outta here…..Peace

    • Pipes says:

      Knowing Warren, he has already located this turd and has either the police and a court action started. He doesn’t mess around with stuff and the person of interest should be really really concerned. I hope whoever it is has saved a lot of their allowance in their piggy bank because they are going to need it.

  9. Robert White says:

    A new low for politics in CANADA IMHO. Caught your CFRA interview with BLill today and bottom line is that this story is shocking to say the least. The seriousness of this incident was articulated much better on radio too. The emotive aspects of this incident are best expressed in a live interview too.

    I’m sorry you have been exposed to this sort of abhorrent behaviour Lisa, & Warren. Law enforcement will likely get the culprit.


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