07.20.2018 05:44 AM

When everyone is a neo-Nazi, no one is a neo-Nazi

Gerald used to get that. He apparently doesn’t anymore.


  1. Mike Tarasco says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. I’m from the old PC wing of the of what is now the CPC and yes, I’m probably right of centre. However, I do hold progressive social views, to an extent. When Butts’ calls us all Nazis it’s makes the blood boil. Anyway, I don’t always agree with you or your politics, but at least you are a gentleman about it. (Usually)

  2. Katamount says:

    I’m fucking douchebag.

  3. Bill Hughes says:

    Gerald Butts and Justin Trudeau with is cabinet of underachieving ministers are playing the politics of identity. By trying to brand everyone and anyone who disagrees with the Liberal mantra, as either a Nazi or a Denier of their views on climate or immigration or whatever. The inference is, they are accusing normal honest every day middle of the road Canadian citizens of being equal to Holocaust deniers, or worse, the perpetrators of the Holocaust. It’s for us and ‘especially’ the media to call the Liberals and the unelected Gerald Butts out on this comparison to evil every time it is used, either verbally or tweeted out. Un-Canadian is something else the Liberals want to brand on anyone who disagrees with their point of view. This will hopefully backfire on the Liberals come election time. The Liberals are playing a dangerous game of trying to divide Canadians – let’s stand united against Trudeau’s politics of devision. Vote him out in 2019.

  4. Warren,

    So much for the brains, behind the brains.

  5. Matt says:

    Then you have Andrea Horwath basically calling the new PC Minister of Community Safety a racist for wearing a bullet proof vest when he went on a ride along for six hours (7:00pm to 1:00am) with Toronto Police in the Jane and Finch area of Toronto despite the fact:

    1) It is standard operating procedure for police to have civilians wear vests on ride alongs, and

    2) Horwath was completely silent when an it was revealed an NDP candidate, now an NDP MPP called TPS Chief Mark Saunders, a black man, a “coon”

    It’s only been about a week and a half since the Ontario legislature returned and she has proven, repeatedly, Ontario dodged a bullet by her losing the election.

    • Matt,

      Maybe. But Ford needs to listen and learn fast. Unless he wants to be the next Rae or Harris! (The two most beloved premiers in modern Ontario history.)

      • Matt says:

        Has nothing to do with Ford. It was the Community Safety minister

        Meanwhile Mayor Tory claims, in an attempt to virtue signal, claims he’s been on several ride alongs and “never felt yhe need to wear a vest”

        That, according to the head on the police union, is bullshit.

        Tory has never done what the Community Safety minister did – go on a ride along, at night, in a high crime area, tour crack houses, in a on duty “primary response vehicle” that would be dispatched to emergency calls including robberies, shootings and stabbings.

        Tory’s last ride along, if you can call it that was a mid day bike ride surrounded by 4 TPS officers on bike patrol.

        • Warren says:

          The head of the police union is not someone who should ever offering civics lessons about truth. As I will shortly show.

          • Matt says:

            Fair enough.

            However I know an officer involved in one of the Tory ride alongs.

            Was told when the media disappeared, so did the Mayor.

            Same thing alleged to have happened yesterday with a Tory “walk about” in a neighbourhood in 41 Division.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “wearing a bullet proof vest when he went on a ride along for six hours”

      Aren’t those illegal in Canada?

      (for civilians, that is)

  6. doconnor says:

    1) That may good point.

    2) https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2018/05/30/horwath-denies-ndp-is-anti-police-in-wake-of-candidates-actions.html has a 3 paragraph quote from Horwath on the “coon” controversy. Unlike Ford, Horwath took numerous questions from the press every day during the election campaign.

  7. Capitalist says:

    On the right now it is Trumpers, Proud Boys, and Neo-Nazis. On the left, it is SJWs, Antifa, and the freak show of Identities. The only moderate position is pure Capitalism. Money doesn’t care what colour you are. It only cares that you have it. Funny that libertarianism is now the moderate centre. As usual, we create all the wealth, and the extreme left and right will consume it fighting each other. Parasites all.

  8. Fred from BC says:

    Not a viewpoint that I would usually expect a progressive to espouse. In my experience (and yeah, maybe I need to get out more), it’s almost always a conservative trying to do so, since we are generally the ones on the receiving end of such accusations.

    Kudos for both honesty and integrity on this one.

  9. Mohammed says:

    I respectfully disagree with you on this, Warren. We have seen alt right and nazi ideas infiltrate into the mainstream right. Steve king is a congressman and a white nationalist. Trump is a bigot. Other congressmen have spoke and pro Tommy Robinson rallies. The mainstream can become alt right or nazi, is we aren’t careful.

    Lisa McLeod tweet had the most racist and venemous comments, many calling Hussen a human trafficker. It was disgusting. I did not see McLeod support tthese comments, but equally she did not condemn them. And they were very prominent on her thread.

    I do not think think McLeod believes in these gross statements at all, but decent conservatives have a special responsibility (or burden) to make sure their words don’t leave openings for the alt right. I don’t think she has met that responsibility.

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