08.17.2018 09:19 PM

A separatist speaks

When in a hole, stop digging, big guy.


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    p bre says:

    Federal liberals should give something to Vaughan to do..he has too much time on his hands..or he should resign his federal seat and run for council

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    Sean says:

    Vaughan is confused. He’s a federal politician and unless Butts commissioned him to break up the country, he should pursue another interest such as finishing high school.

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    Des says:

    Do Vaughn’s comment’s confirm to me that the federal Liberals have shifted to a more Socialist platform? Or, does Adam Vaughn think for himself? I’m not thinking they’ve shifted, since His Media Majesty JT posed for a picture with Keesmaat on the Danforth with Vaughan in the background (LOL!). Also, since the federal Liberals need to think exactly like Butts and Telford (because His Majesty is too inept to think for himself), is this the position the fed Libs are projecting? Do the Libs believe that drowning out the hard-Left is the path to victory? They’re already dead with Jagmeet! Sad!

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    barn E. rubble says:

    RE: “Only FordNation thinks it’s a good thing. . .”

    Apparently Mr. Vaughn has a problem with democracy. He could’ve said, “Only the majority of Ontario voters thinks it’s a good thing.” But then again, that would make him sound even stupider, as hard as that might be . . .

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    Matt says:

    Generally speaking, whatever side Adam Vaughan is on, I’m on the opposite side.

    And did yor see Angrya Horwath’s tweet the other day about Ford downsizing Toronto council?

    Andrea Horwath

    Ontarians made more than 1,600 calls to PC MPPs telling Doug Ford to stop his undemocratic election meddling. Will Mr. Ford respect the people of Ontario, or will he behave like a dictator by using Bill 5 to settle personal beefs and go after his political rivals? #onpoli #topoli
    11:32 AM – 13 Aug 2018

    Wow. A whopping 1,600 phone calls (probably from the same 50 people calling multiple PC MPP’s) in a province of what, 13,000,000 and shes touting that as evidence Ontarians are against Ford’s plan.

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    Derek Pearce says:

    Separation is a metaphor Warren. Makes for lousy retail politics and Tory will win but there are MANY pissed off people who agree with both Vaughn and Keesmat’s line of thinking. More’s the pity for us.

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    Eastern Rebellion says:

    As wise counsels have advised, “Never interfere with an enemy while he is in the process of destroying himself”. Just keep giving him more rope, he is well on the way to hanging himself. To Doug Ford, AV is the gift that keeps on giving!

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    Dork in East York says:

    Only reason Vaughan isn’t a New Democrat is that he and Layton/Chow absolutely despised one another.

    He’s a smart cookie and great with soundbites, but notoriously does not play well with others, which explains why he couldn’t crack JT’s cabinet.

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