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  1. Robert White says:

    The Fixer is going to the BIG house and taking the fixed with him. Cohen may call the top bunk before The Duck joins him in his cell or cellblock. Cohen might have a chance to make Trump his bitch after all.

    Oh happy day!


    • Fred from BC says:

      “We’ve GOT HIM NOW!!!”

      (…they said, for the fifteenth time…)

      No, you’ve got more unsubstantiated allegations. Again. Oh yeah, there’s an audio tape…but it appears to show Donald Trump making sure that things are done legally ( a traceable cheque instead of untraceable cash). What you actually have is Cohen saying the exact opposite of what he said previously, (that Trump didn’t know) which of course makes him a liar either way.

      There’s much more to this story than the click-bait headline if you go look for it. Don’t you guys ever get tired of being played like this?

      • Fred,

        My hearing is a bit different. I did not hear Trump SAY that Cohen should pay in cash. But I also did not hear Trump SAY that a cheque should be used.

        What I heard was Trump saying Cash?????

        • Fred from BC says:

          I think the surprise or concern behind the utterance of the word “Cash???” in this context makes it pretty obvious what he meant by this, doesn’t it?

          I haven’t heard the tape myself, but this quote matches Trump’s explanation perfectly.

      • Art says:

        Only you right wingers heard the tape that way. Don’t you ever get tired of being one of the 26 percenters who are wrong about just about everything? Trump’s company has been a criminal enterprise laundering Russian money since the nineties when no banks would touch him due to multiple bankruptcies.

      • Matt says:

        Well, to be fair, Cohen made his statement under oath. His version that Trump directed him to make the payment “for the purpose of influencing the election” has more credibility than Trump’s assertion he knew nothing about the payments which we already know is a lie based on the Cohen tapes.

        • Fred from BC says:

          Yeah, but Cohen had already lied about this under oath previously when he claimed that Trump *didn’t* know about the payments, correct? That makes him a liar then or a liar now. Granted, we all know he was lying back then and telling the truth now, but still…not a credible witness by any stretch. He’s facing other unrelated charges that could put him in prison for a long time, and the prosecutors are holding a gun to his head and demanding “Give us Trump, or you’ll do hard time!”. He’ll say ANYTHING, and everybody knows it.

          Besides that, this all happened before the campaign started, and was initiated by a porn star attempting to peddle her salacious “I was Donald trump’s Mistress!” story for the second time (2011 was the first) and thinking she could extort big bucks from Trump to keep it quiet (even though she had already been paid 130,000 dollars and had signed a Non-disclosure Agreement. So why hasn’t Stormy Daniels been indicted for “attempting to influence an election campaign”? It’s a reeeeeal stretch to try and paint this as “Donald Trump deliberately violated federal campaign law! He CHEATED!! And the RUSSIANS helped him!! That’s how he won!! ”

          The public tired of this farce long ago. Now you’re just insulting them. Give us the fabled RUSSIAN COLLUSION you’ve been promising for over a year now, or admit defeat and pack it in.

          (not you personally, Matt..;)

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            With respect you’re wrong and here’s why: Starr’s original mandate was to investigate Whitewater and Madison Guaranty but investigations go where the evidence leads them. That’s why they got Clinton in the Paula Jones deposition re: affair with Lewinsky. That led to the House impeaching Clinton.

            Same thing here: Mueller won’t get Trump on collusion. Where Trump is most vulnerable is in relation to commercial deals with Russian banks by the company. Expect Mueller to go there.

          • Fred from BC says:

            “With respect you’re wrong and here’s why: Starr’s original mandate was to investigate Whitewater and Madison Guaranty but investigations go where the evidence leads them.”

            True, Ronald. But so far the results have been less than impressive. Too many exaggerated ‘discoveries’ trumpeted by the news media which fall flat on closer scrutiny.

            “Same thing here: Mueller won’t get Trump on collusion. Where Trump is most vulnerable is in relation to commercial deals with Russian banks by the company. Expect Mueller to go there.”

            I do, but I don’t expect him to find anything more tangible than he already has. ZERO evidence of anything criminal so far. He’s been at this for, what…a year now?

          • doconnor says:

            I think it is most likely they will get Trump on obstruction of justice for firing Comey.

            The special investigation has been going faster then most: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-mueller-investigation-keeps-growing-fast/

      • Robert White says:

        It takes time to sink the Titanic given the bulkheads of the Deep State but I, for one, am confident that Mr. Cohen will prove fruitful for impeachment proceedings to be initiated via Congress. Within likely one month to two I suspect that prospects for a successful impeachment will be forthcoming.

        Additionally, the Federal Bureau of Investigations recovered approximately 30,000 pieces of evidence from Cohen’s law offices and his home. The FBI has spent billions on chasing The Duck down before he was even elected on a tight margin that may prove to be his undoing very soon given that the Democrats will no longer be sucking their collective thumbs in dark corners anymore when it comes to this bozo of buffoonery.


      • The Doctor says:

        Trump is all but an unindicted co-conspirator.

        • DaveTheAutoWorker says:

          You have regurgitated the Democrat/MSM talking point perfectly. Have a reward cookie.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:

          The Doctor,

          Mueller’s investigation into the GRU is purported to be du jamais vu. It reportedly breaks new bounds as regards investigative techniques and end results. It is beyond meticulous.

          IF you can put that together with the words banks, wire fraud, bank fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, real estate sales not reported and you’ve got real trouble.

  2. Matt says:

    Is there any legal reason Cohen’s statement of facts refers to “the candidate seeking federal office” (or something to that effect) rather than referring to Trump by name?

    I mean, everyone knows who he’s talking about.

  3. pierre lawayne says:

    I don’t think Mueller gives a damn about Trump anymore. He’s got him dead to rights. To read the detail included in the indictments against the 12 Russians is staggering. I think Mueller is more interested in slowly breaking all of President Tanning Bed’s toys first cause that will break him. That means indicting his idiot sons and daughter, busting up his business and repossessing all his toys from golf courses to planes to real estate as reparation.
    Every time Trump or one of his cronies goes on another rant Mueller just reaches for another file.

      • pierre lawayne says:

        and let’s not forget; if it weren’t for one very brave woman named Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels and one ballsy lawyer who never gave up going after Trump despite the right wing rage machine Trump would be at fifty percent and swimming in a pool full of rubles. Someday we should strike a coin for her because her actions precipitated what we see today and that has consequences for Canada as well.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    IMHO, Mueller’s concerted actions are not aimed at smoothing the way for impeachment or laying the groundwork for prosecution once Trump leaves office.

    Rather, Mueller is working on Superman’s kryptonite – – with a view to leaving Trump with absolutely no alternative but to resign the presidency in due course.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      A far wiser man than yours truly said it best: (N)ow this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

    • pierre lawayne says:

      to wit
      today Aug 22 Barbara Underwood the acting Attorney General of New York (no relation to Frank and Claire from House of Cards:) ) issued a subpoena to Michael Cohen the day after he plead guilty to appear as a witness in the criminal suit she filed in June against the Trump family, the Trump org and the foundation for tax fraud. Cohen went straight to the tax dept to co-operate.
      and so it begins.
      Mueller hovers while New York goes after Trumps family who are all named in the suit. No pardons possible here.
      It appears though not yet proven that the idiot sons authorized in writing payment from the foundation to Cohen which was used to pay off Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougall.
      I’m convinced Mueller and his team are quite happy to let Trump stay in office until his first term is over whereupon they’ll let him keep a tin cup, 100 pencils and space to beg in front of Trump Tower minus the signage.

      chips are falling

      • pierre lawayne says:

        one day later….

        Thurs 9pm.
        According to the New York Times the Attorney General will be filing criminal charges against the Trump org re payments to Cohen for fraudulent invoices that were really repayment of past payment to Stormy Daniels etc etc

        I’m suddenly imagining the soup nazi saying to everyone expecting a pardon from Trump
        “no pardon for you. back of the line.”

        • DaveTheAutoWorker says:

          This is a different assessment:

          1. It is not illegal to pay extortionists.

          2. ANY money (campaign or personal) that is spent by a candidate to “influence” the election outcome must be reported.

          Was the reason/intent for the Bimbo payment political or was it personal?

          A. Did Trump pay to spare his family the embarrassment?

          B. Did Trump pay because the revelation would have changed the election results?

          If “A” then NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED and you can easily argue that “A” was a bigger motivator than “B”…Trump was already “Losing badly” in the polls…it was over for him…so he was just trying to spare his family further embarrassment.

          There is no way the prosecution can prove Trump made the payment solely because he thought it would help him win…Trump has paid Bimbos before and this was really just a routine PERSONAL transaction for him to hide his scoundrel-ness from his wife and kids. Slimey, yes, but illegal no…and we ALL KNEW Trump was a pussy-grabbing son-of-a-bitch well before this payment and one more Bimbo payoff wouldn’t have changed anything; “Everyone knew” Hillary had it wrapped up.

          From CNN of all places:

          Campaign-finance law experts say that if a payment is made for the purposes of influencing an election — for example, to quiet allegations that could harm a candidate — it can be considered a campaign contribution even if it isn’t made from a campaign account. If such payments were made routinely and would have occurred regardless of the existence of any campaign, however, they may not be regarded as in service of an electoral effort.

          Trump has a long history of paying Bimbos….

          If “B” then COHEN fucked up not reporting the payment for his client. If Trump instructed Cohen not to report, then Trump AND Cohen fucked up…impeachable offense…LOL…not even close….LONG legal precedent of just paying a fine.

  5. Pedant says:

    Came across this today, in case you haven’t yet seen it:

    MAGA = Many Are Getting Arrested

  6. Peter says:

    Fred, you may be right about Cohen being a lying reprobate, however don’t forget they’ve still got the unimpeachable, virtuous Stormy Daniels.

    But c’mon man, time to accept that “But…Hillary…Obama” may have run it’s course. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to try to defend the indefensible? The man has always been covered in sleaze but now some of the pustules are bursting. That the Dems and their progressive supporters are completely oblivious to their own moral and financial sleaze and corruption (But…Trump!”) is a maddening tragedy, but not really a defence. I pity the decent independent-thinking American voter forced to choose between the lesser of two sleazes.

    I don’t know if history repeats itself, but if it does, I’m hearing echoes of the 30’s here. American politics has moved from competing visions and policies to competing irreconcilable legitimacies. Somewhat similar in Europe. We all know how that ended.

    • Peter says:

      Sorry, this was a reply to Fred at 10:19 pm.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to try to defend the indefensible? ”

      She did, and I’ve mentioned here more than once that I don’t enjoy being put in a position where I have to appear to be defending this obnoxious excuse for a man…but I just can’t take being fed such obvious bullshit and being expected to swallow it. If they tried this same sleaze against Trudeau Junior I’d be forced to defend him, too (shudder)…but of course that could never happen because the MSM aren’t overtly and outrageously biased against him (whew!).

      I ‘m with you, though, in wishing that the Democrats had picked somebody (*anybody*) else as their candidate against him.

  7. Daryl Gordon says:


    Lanny Davis (Cohen lawyer) is a longtime Clinton swamp dweller who helped guide Bill Clinton through some of his own “zipper” incidents with problematic bimbo eruptions.

    Cohen pled guilty to crimes of campaign violations that were not even criminal and that he was not charged with.

    Not much of a stretch to imagine that Davis along with a hostile venue in NYSD would include a non crime in the hush money payment to further muddy the water in Trump world.

    No Trump supporter ever thought he was a choirboy (bad reference after the Catholic church’s latest scandal) but aside from his very poor choices in associates, Trump’s only real crime was to defeat the indisputably corrupt Democratic candidate Hillary (illegal server, Fusion GPS, fake dossier, FBI free pass) Clinton.

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