, 08.06.2018 03:38 PM

KINSELLACAST 25: Warren on Trudeau and the Danforth – and Lisa on being a single welfare Mom

Better late than never!

The segment with Lisa is something.  Listen in.


  1. Ned Ludd says:

    I had no idea that your lovely wife was from the West coast. It was heart rendering to listen to her story, and I appreciate her openness in sharing her life experiences.
    I hope that others in similar circumstances will be inspired by her success.

  2. Eastern Rebellion says:

    Lisa’s story was harrowing, but also inspirational. It took a great deal of courage to relate those events, and I am sure it was an experience she would not wish on anyone. I am heartened to think that she has had much success since then, no doubt due to her hard work and dedication.

  3. Innocent III says:

    Dear Chief Magistrate,
    I tuned in as a skeptic and tuned out as a believer. Thank you both for this with special gratitude to LK for her candour – a solid argument for the just cancelled Basic Income program. There is a provocative discussion of this in a cracking new book by Samuel Moyn, ‘Not Enough’.
    Innocent III
    P.S. As I understand things, there is no copyright on titles. Exhibit A: The Replacements, ‘Let It Be’.

  4. All it takes is a toxic employer, a bad manager, an unexpected health crisis, economic turmoil, or an unplanned pregnancy, or a slew of other personal tragedies and unfathomable situations people find themselves in.

    What shocks me is that with all the talk of the economy we’re stupid enough to waste so much human potential –

  5. I knew a guy who had excelled all his life. He grew up working hard, they were farmers, and had been raised by immigrant parents. Popular guy, well liked by peers, an incredible athlete, and a good student. A lot smarter than the confines of a classroom allow, but able enough to complete a couple degrees. He had worked all through university – and had bartended and done hard labor while he moved across Canada looking for an opportunity in his field. He got one, and excelled – was on his way up.

    One toxic workplace, a few toxic staff members, and an incompetent manager he was blacklisted, forced into labor, and was then diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma right when the economy collapsed. He did the chemotherapy alone for he had left his family years ago – no support at all other than the volunteer drivers taking him for treatments – now he’s recovered and still, years gone by, still having to deal with, having overcome everything thrown his way – shallow toxic people who could never have overcome the same, or done the same – and they want to talk about boot straps, while getting in the way of opportunity (they slandered and blacklistd him. When they start talking about boot straps it’s a bit rich, excuse the pun, that we’d expect folks who suffered so much adversity to be so much better than the folks talking about boot straps.

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