08.24.2018 09:29 PM

Mid-terms: the Canadian connection

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    pierre lawayne says:

    this re Trump from a music blog by Bob Lefsetz of all people. It’s sure how I see it. The rest is all performance art and clickbait.

    Trump. He’s starting to negotiate.
    I know, I know, it looked like he was gonna serve out his term, he’s survived this long. But as Frank Rich said last year, it took two years for Watergate to play out.

    But, you say the Congress will never authorize impeachment.

    It probably won’t get to that. Because if you know your history, the Republican Senators told Nixon he had to go. Ultimately the Republican Senators are gonna tell Donald Trump to go, if he doesn’t declare victory and leave early.

    Oh, 25% of the public still supported Nixon when he resigned, that’s not the point, it’s a game, and Trump just blinked.

    It’s been a bad week. Trump keeps trumpeting all the good he’s done, but so did Nixon.

    At some point the camel’s back breaks.

    And it’s kind of how you lose a fortune, very slowly and then all at once.
    But most people did not live through Watergate, they’ve got no perspective. And the news is all about the horse race, who wins or loses the pennant is irrelevant to them. And this week especially has proven there are two teams, I checked the Fox site Tuesday and Cohen and Manafort were not even close to the top. Still aren’t. Which makes you think that Trump can survive in this topsy-turvy world, but he won’t.

    He’s begun to negotiate, he’s playing defense, which is a bad place to be. Just ask Hillary, just ask the Democrats, they’ve been playing defense for decades, because the Republicans play offense, all the time. The right wing defines the issues, to the point that Democrats are running away from the demonized Nancy Pelosi.

    But now Mueller is defining the game, by sticking to his guns, ignoring the morons on cable news and just reaching for the next file.
    I believe Trump is done like dinner.

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