, 09.14.2018 07:11 AM

CBC: “Your Ward News is back, but community group still fighting to ban hate rag”

Lisa Kinsella, managing partner of The Daisy Group and one of the founding members of Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice. The group vows do everything it can to sop the publishers of Your Ward News from delivering copies to people’s mailboxes. (CBC)

CBC – A group called Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice (STAMP) says it will do everything it can to stop the publishers of a controversial newspaper, after it began appearing again this month in east-end Toronto mailboxes.

Your Ward News publishes once a season and bills itself as the “world’s largest anti-Marxist publication.” But it’s been widely criticized as a purveyor of hate speech against women, as well as Jews, the LGBT community and other minorities. Its editor and publisher both face charges of wilfully promoting hatred.

“[It’s] this kind of explosive hate rag that’s filled with anti-homophobic statements. It’s anti-women, it’s anti-Semitic,” said Lisa Kinsella, managing partner of The Daisy Group and one of the founding members of STAMP.

“It’s just this vile piece of hate that keeps showing up in our mailboxes every once in a while and we are going to do everything we can stop that from happening.”

The newspaper is the brainchild of editor-in-chief James Sears, who has presented himself in the past as pick-up artist Dmitri The Lover and had his licence to practise medicine revoked after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting patients.

“Sears, St. Germaine and Your Ward News can run, but they can’t hide,” Kinsella said. 

“We will use every legal means at our disposal — civil, criminal and administrative — to shut them down, and get this disgusting hate out of our communities,” she added. 

We want to assure everyone who is getting this garbage dumped in their mailbox, we are not going to stop fighting, we are not going to give up.  We will not rest until Your Ward News is no more.”


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  1. Matt says:

    Any idea who’s funding this things production and delivery?

  2. Robert White says:

    The textbook Sociopaths behind the dissemination of hate in Toronto are undoubtedly so-called ‘Libertarians’ given their ‘anti-Marxist’ uneducated perspectives. Libertarians like Steve Bannon also promulgate the same sort of hate, and they are attempting to brand that hatred across North America.

    Anyone that characterizes themselves as ‘anti-Marxist’ has never even read anything that Marx published. As a Marxist myself I am quite familiar with the Libertarian hatemongering and I see it all over the Internet on a daily basis. Disseminating hate via whole neighbourhoods is evidence enough that these groups are operating in a systematic fashion in order to manipulate the entire population that they are disseminating the hate to. In brief, the hate group is targeting a specific neighbourhood with criminal intent based upon our hate laws and the fact that they cannot disseminate hate online or through CANADA Post.

    Obviously, they are being funded by some group that believes that the hatred will bolster their political following
    as Steve Bannon has already demonstrated via Breitbart and the Alt.Right anti-social media.

    Mussolini probably thought he was pretty smart too until he was hung upside down by his racist ankles in a gas station in Italy. Bottom line is that textbook Psychopaths & Sociopaths are such intellectually weak people that they thrive off of victimizing ethnic minorities no matter what damage it does to them personally. Bankrupting ‘Your Ward News’ will force them to seek funding elsewhere when they finally realize that their charade is brought out into the light.

    Yanis Varoufakis is my favorite contemporary Marxist & Economist.



  3. Gord says:

    Keep up the good work.

    It’s ironic that if Canada Post were fully privatized it would be entirely entitled to refuse to deliver this garbage, but because it’s still public (or quasi-public anyways) these jokers get to invoke their Charter rights.

  4. Fred from BC says:

    Umm…did Lisa really say “anti-homophobic statements”, or is that a misquote?

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