09.30.2018 06:19 AM

Effect and causes

Here’s the past week, which is mid-to-high:


And here’s the main reasons for that:

There’s a theme, there.


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    Eric Weiss says:

    He sounded like every entitled prick who’s gotten called out on his bullshit I’ve ever met. Her testimony was far more believable. Dr. Ford’s testimony was far more convincing. She was calm, was emotional but didn’t lash out like he did.

    Imagine if it was the other way around and she came out screaming and yelling like he did. The GOP, Fox News and a good portion of the public would be saying she was irrational and “hysterical” y’know, because that’s what women are like. But Kavanaugh is a “fighter”.

    And the GOP is going to vote him in anyway, basically telling women “we don’t believe you, or if it did happen, we don’t care.”

    This all could’ve been avoided by pulling him and putting in an equally qualified and conservative nominee without all this baggage. But in Trump’s AmeriKKKa, conceding is weakness. The whole process is a sham.

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      The Doctor says:

      When he brought the Clintons into his rant, that’s when he totally jumped the shark IMO. Like the Clintons make this whole thing up just to get back at him. Yeah, that’s it.

      That’s when he showed himself for the right-wing partisan DB that he really is.

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        Steve T says:

        Exactly my thinking. I otherwise found his commentary relatively on-point, and his agitation was understandable given what he was accused of. However, as soon as he mentioned the Clintons, I thought “Uh… you just became Trump 2.0 with your conspiracy theories.”

        This may have simply been the unfortunate misguided rant of a falsely-accused man, but it sure didn’t make him sound rational.

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    Gord Tulk says:

    This is well worth a listen.


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    Peter says:

    If you are talking about legal process, why just sexual assault? Men commit well over 90% of violent crimes and a good majority of the non-violent ones too. Women are much more likely to be victims than perps, so why not make their greater credibility a general principle of the law of evidence? I could probably argue the same about the young and the elderly respectively.

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      Gord Tulk says:

      You should think this through more:

      Blacks per capita commit far more crimes in the US, in Canada pre-columbians do. Democrats have a far higher crime rate than republicans. If you want to tilt the scales of Justice according to identifiable groups you can’t stop at just sex and age.

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        Peter says:

        Thank you Gord, but I think you may be irony-challenged.

        Pre-columbrians? I’m getting on, but is that the new euphemism the cool kids have for dirty injuns?

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        Derek Pearce says:

        Ah Gord, always finding new and creative ways to peddle the same old shit.

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    Daryl Gordon says:


    Note the statement near the end : Dr Ford’s testimony was likely influenced by Democratic Congress members and her legal representatives.

    Kavanaugh has every right to use every legal tactic to defend himself from so far uncorroborated accusations. That includes discrediting Dr Ford’s testimony, and hilighting the questionable actions of the Democratic members and the legal team representing her.

    Is it a remarkable coincidence that all the last minute accusers are Democratic partisans and/ or represented by Democratic activists? Feinstein et al were not too interested in FBI investigation months ago when the allegations first appeared. Just more politics at sewer level. Ford and Kavanaugh mere pawns.

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