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Keesmaat wants debates that exclude others – and that aren’t diverse. That’s wrong. Here’s why.

A few days ago, John Tory put out a press release laying out what he wants to see in the Toronto mayoral debates.  Given all the crap that is going on, with notwithstanding clauses and protests and grandmothers being handcuffed and whatnot, it didn’t get a lot of attention.  It should have.

Tory laid out some of the things he wants to see in the debates in which he will participate.  They are:

  • He’s not showing up if organizers permit white supremacists like Faith Goldy and James Sears to participate
  • He wants to have some of the other credible mayoral candidates present – even those who have been strong critics of him
  • He wants the debates to be as diverse as the city itself, and not just a couple caucasians participating

Jennifer Keesmaat hasn’t insisted on the same sorts of things, to my knowledge.  She wants to exclude other candidates, for example.  That’s wrong.

Yesterday, John Tory got asked about all of this stuff.  What he said is significant [and I’ve edited it for brevity]:

Discussions about debates are taking place [with] my campaign. We have issued, as a campaign, a series of criteria that are fair – and that should apply to all debates. I will not debate in the presence of a couple of candidates that have openly and consistently advocated racism, and white supremacist views.  That has no place in the city, let alone in the debate for the mayoralty.  The second thing that I have said – in light of the fact there are some 35 candidates, I think, running for mayor – these debate organizers should make more of an effort to make sure that that other people are represented.

I’m quite willing to debate. And I look forward to debating. But I believe that having just two [candidates] is not reflective of the fact that other people have spent a lot of time and effort to campaign in good faith. The debate organizers should be making an effort to make sure that some of those people should be represented in the debates that we have. And I am pleased to say that a number of the debate organizers have agreed with that, and I have confirmed my participation in these debates.  

This is another reason why I’m supporting Tory: he isn’t afraid of critics or criticism. And: he won’t give legitimacy, in any way, to bigotry. And: he wants the mayoral campaign to be as multicultural as Toronto is.

Like I say, he’s a good guy. If you live here in the Centre of the Universe™, you should vote for him.


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    Matt says:

    I don’t know.

    Wouldn’t it be better to let Goldy participate so people can see she’s an idiot?

    Sunshine is the best disinfectant as the saying goes.

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      Mezba says:

      That’s what they said about Trump.

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        Matt says:

        Well, Hillary did win the popular vote and we have no electoral college, so……..

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    Dork in East York says:

    Keesmaat is toast. New Mainstreet poll has Tory up 36% with a month to go.

    You have to consider that the wall to wall coverage of DoFo’s election shenanigans have stolen the much needed spotlight from Keesmaat.

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      Pedant says:

      I don’t think she seriously expects to win. She is setting herself up for a future political career. But it’s good for democracy that one of the other candidates has consolidated the main opposition instead of 30 no-names up against the Mayor. Exactly like Jane Pitfield (for whom I voted) against the unstoppable David Miller in 2006.

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    kevin clarke says:

    So Does That Mean He Will Debate Kevin Clarke..

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    Pedant says:

    Does that mean the Rhino Party gets to participate in federal election debates from now on?

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    Pipes says:

    Well, that turd from the racist paper will be happy to attend debates. Looks like he has to be invited.
    No one in their right mind would organize a mayoral candidates debate that includes all the candidates and I guess that’s the point your War Room may be making.

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