, 09.07.2018 12:52 PM

Pro tip: when you call your opponent too negative, don’t promote the stuff you’ve called negative

So, the John Tory folks put together a fun little video about the expressed desire of Tory’s main opponent, Jen Keesmaat, to secede from the province and country.  Here it is.

Okay. So, Keesmaat’s folks didn’t like it. They’d been calling John Tory all kinds of nasty names for weeks, but they’re not too good in the dishing-it-out-and-taking-it department. They got all sniffy and told CITY-TV that John Tory “doesn’t want to talk about his record,” blah blah blah.

Anyway. Keesmaat’s comms guy is a good friend of mine, Chris Ball. I like him a lot. In this campaign, we’ve taken good-natured shots at each other, and at our opposing candidates. I tweeted (what I correctly thought was) a funny picture about Keesmaat’s transit and traffic plans, Chris responded with what he (erroneously) thought was a funny picture about Tory.

So I responded with the secession video above. Someone immediately favourited the video. Guess who it was?

I’ve been doing this for a long time, boys and girls, but that’s the first time I’ve ever had an opponent help promote an attack ad about that selfsame opponent.

Anyway, it’s never dull on the old campaign trail!  And, at the very least, it also heretofore eliminates Ms. Keesmaat’s ability to say her opponent is being too negative!


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    Harry "Events" Macmillan says:

    Secession is nice counter-spin, but the real spin is that The Province of Toronto is upgrade in tax revenue allocation.

    John Tory is saying the mayor works on partnerships, Wrong! Municipalities are creatures of the provinces, just as Ford squeezed council seats. Toronto voters needs a better DEAL. Toronto is more dangerous than New York at this point. And where is the funding going, we need the dollars locally!

    Toronto’s GDP is $315 Billion, Ontario’s $600 Billion. All told, Toronto is 1/5th Canada’s overall economic productivity in a oil low $ year…So why should tax revenue from Toronto be redistributed to rural constituencies that have different aspirations, goals and concerns?

    Creating a new province without a constitutional problem with Quebec is very do-able. Referendum.

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    Samantha_Banks_Quills says:

    “Ask voters if they would like their provincial taxes to be redistributed to people in a 25 KM radius or as far away at 1,380 Km in Thunder Bay?” Um, let’s get this province started!

    Also, John Tory did not address ‘the candidate by name’, not taking a women seriously. Could a Prentice-style gaffe in the debates….

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    Samantha_Banks_Quills says:

    Hey, “Samantha” who has never commented here before: multiple posts like that will get you banned.

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