09.28.2018 06:57 AM

She wants the cops to investigate. He doesn’t. What does that tell you?


  1. Peter says:

    It tells me precisely nothing. Joe Biden explained why twenty years ago.

  2. pierre lawayne says:

    Jeff Flake folded this morning. What does that tell you? Party before country every time.

  3. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    There is no statute of limitations on sexual assault. She is free to take her allegations to the Montgomery County, MD police department, the police force that actually has jurisdiction.

    The FBI actually is not the police force with jurisdiction in this case of sexual assault. An FBI investigation, the seventh one, has no authority to come to any conclusion or charges.

    • Mike Jeffries says:

      Yes exactly. That is why this makes no sense to me. The problem here is obvious. It is Feintein!
      Feintein used Dr. Ford as a pawn in her game to block the judge. Instead of helping Dr. Ford weeks before to say you have an allegation worthy of investigation, Feintein held on to this for weeks and leaked at her own opportune moment! If Feintein was genuinely concerned regarding Dr. Ford’s plight she should have said go immediately to the police at Montgomery County and opening that investigation would have stopped the senate going further pending the outcome. Why has it unfolded differently? Somebody help me?

      • CanadianKate says:

        If Feinstein brought it up back in the summer, there would have been time to withdraw Judge Virgin and put in someone else.

        By waiting to the last minute Feinstein has manufactured this crisis and hoped the female republicans senators would block the confirmation.

        At this point, we are so close to the mid-terms that if Judge Virgin doesn’t get in, there a possibility the republicans won’t get to name a judge to the Supreme Court.

        • Mike Jeffries says:

          How short-sighted of Feintein! In her twisted game she forgets that the American people aren’t stupid. It was Hilary’s downfall thinking only deplorables voted for Trump. Her evil to destroy a family for pure politics is so obvious. Good luck at the midterms!

  4. pierre lawayne says:

    “what goes around comes around.”
    that was the most anti-democratic threat I’ve ever heard and it’s what a dry drunk blubbering child of privilege by the name of Kavanaugh promised in his ridiculous rant of yesterday and still he’s being endorsed by republicans/donors to take his seat on the supreme court.
    this could be the feather on the scale that tips America into Fascism.

  5. Jack says:

    A very credible source just called me and told me that Soros funded Feinstein’s plot via the Clintons in order to make Kavanaugh look very guilty and by extension, cause beer stocks to plummet so Soros can acquire American beer brewers to convert them into Democratic subsidiaries.

    I’m also hearing that the deep state has already infiltrated the FBI investigation.

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