09.07.2018 07:22 AM

This photo is going to cost Mr. Trudeau plenty

It ranks up there with Stanfield’s fumbled football and Dukakis’ backwards helmet (all of which I write about here).

This will cost seats in Alberta and beyond. Huge mistake.

Justin Trudeau gets huggy with nation wrecker John Horgan.


  1. Luke says:

    Could be, could be. He does position himself as a unifier though, so him being chummy with Horgan and Notley alike makes a measure of sense. Also, I’m not convinced the general population of Canada is as averse to Horgan as you are, Warren. The BC government has a point after all (as does that of Alberta), and I seem to recall opinion polling on pipeline matters imply dissonance in the public’s position; many seem to be on both sides of the argument at once.

    On a related note, I still find that Rachel Notley far and away seems to be the most credible leader at the forefront of the pipeline headache. I hope the people of Alberta stick with her. She’s a good one.

    Back to the political consequences for Trudeau… Even if that photo puts a bad taste in our collective mouth, is that enough? Because I’ve been off-and-on dissatisfied with Trudeau and looking around for alternatives, and what do I see? The CPC, which I will not give the time of day until it has had a long time to sort itself out and adopts drastically different policy positions that appeal to me, the nonexistent NDP, the tiny tiny Green Party, and whatever beast Maxime Bernier is hoping to unleash next week. The best alternatives to Trudeau as PM are in his caucus (namely Philpott, Freeland).

  2. Matt says:

    Many may think it’s Mr. Trudeau who is the nation wrecker.

  3. Harry "Events" Macmillan says:

    Re the Hug: No one is watching this, at all. These kinds of optics only matter if your candidate is bland. Trudeau isn’t bland, Stanfield was bland AND dense, basically bought Clairtone (Peter Munk’s TV company) and then drove it into the ground in NS. The football drop was just a straw. And this is not Obama and Chris Christie.

    @Luke, Alternatives to Trudeau: Philpott’s French is extremely bad. Freeland <> Also, stilted in French, not a lot of vision

    Maxine Bernier will be mired in the mechanics underlying divurge’s law. But Macron’s success in France will allow him to win in either case, if Scheer loses in 2019, then Bernier can re-write the Conservative Party in a merger. Supply management be damned.

  4. ffibs says:

    This photo will probably only hurt JT if the political activists working for the cons promote it or maybe it is just that Notley couldn’t afford to be seen hugging him and he thought he had a better chance of getting NDP votes in BC.

  5. Eric Weiss says:

    A backwards helmet didn’t seem to hurt this guy…


  6. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    Will the Conservatives be able to situate themselves in the centre-right?

    Singh and the NDP are collapsing. Justin Trudeau is turning the Liberals into the New NDP…the NNDP…the (k)no(w) nothing “democratic” party.

    Bernier is forming a libertarian leaning party that panders to social conservatives and xenophobes.

    It leaves a whole lotta room in the centre right for Scheer and the Conservatives, and the message of affordability.

    Which is where most Canadians are.

  7. Carlos S. says:

    Excuse the MASSIVE eye-roll here on my end. Yeesh. You and I are big Liberal fans, but seriously, these two are good leaders who happen to agree on transit priorities for Vancouver and the region.

    I’ll take the Dippers over the Conservatives any day. The BC Liberals were hardly “liberal” at all. The sky isn’t falling with the NDP in charge here.

  8. Doug Brown says:

    This means about as much as a Trudeau apology. Justin hugs everyone. He is #progressive

  9. Gord Tulk says:

    Depending on the day, western Canadian oil products sell for 25-30$ /barrel BELOW tidewater product. Exports of that product are around 2.5 million barrels/day. That’s 60 million a day in lost revenues. That’s 22 Billion per year. Which probably would put 5 or more billion into the federal government coffers – Every year.

    Now do you see the “economic sense” of having sufficient pipeline capacity.

  10. Kyril kirdov says:

    Justin is a decent person and has positive warm social manners. The opposite of the leader across the 49th.

  11. barn E. rubble says:

    RE: Warren: ” . . . .and Dukakis’ backwards helmet. . .”

    Good one. I guess I missed your commentary on Chrétien’s backwards helmet episode . . . or was that different in some way?

  12. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Yes and No. Taken from a Daisy perspective, absolutely. The medium and photo are the message. For the do-not-pay-much-attention-crowd, this will be devastating out West, less BC.

    But for the rest of us, not so much. Trudeau put our money where his mouth is on KM. That’s substantive. Trouble is, 90% of Canadians likely don’t have a clue…

  13. Pedant says:

    But Alberta only has 4 Liberal seats. What does it matter to Trudeau?

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