09.26.2018 07:53 AM

White supremacist banshee breaks law

Check this out.

The Anti-Racist Collective has tracked down a shocking video – and it clearly shows Faith Goldy (and others) passing around an AR15 with a clip in it.  While they are drunk, at a party at the home of Trump dirty tricks guy Roger Stone, in Florida.

In it, Goldy takes the clip out and seems shows to show it’s empty.  But as I or anyone who has ever held an assault rifle knows, that’s not how you prove a weapon is safe (ie. they have no idea if there’s a round in the chamber).

The guy that keeps handing the rifle back and forth with Goldy repeatedly points the rifle at the people on the couch next to them – and, in case you are wondering, the careless handling of a firearm is a criminal offence in Florida.  Goldy repeatedly hands the AR15 to someone she knows is drunk – making her a party to the offence.


  1. MikeTO says:

    What kind of polling are you seeing to shift to the sink Faith campaign?

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