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Who is Faith Goldy? (updated)

Good question. I remember her.

She’s tallish, slouching near the doors at Sun News Network, chain-smoking.  Smirking

“Troll with a tan,” someone at the erstwhile network said about her. Uncharitably, but not inaccurately.  That indeed seemed to be the whole package: a suspiciously deep, orange-ish tan, and the sleeveless Fox News mien.  That’s it.

When she first appeared on Sun News, they’d hand her a microphone and tell her to go stand somewhere and pretend to be a reporter.  She’d slap on fake eyelashes the size of bats – and then she’d fire off words and sentences like a speed freak running an auction.  She was terrible.

In time, she’d slow down her delivery, reveal a bit more décolletage, and start sharing her views on-air.  Around the ill-fated right-wing network, it was pretty difficult to sound extreme: for many, fanaticism was the lingua franca.  But Faith Goldy – with figurative snakes slithering thorough her veins, and a clutch of metaphoric maggots in the spot where a heart should be – sounded extreme even to the extremists.

When Sun News slipped beneath the waves, however, no one was surprised to see her clutching at Ezra Levant’s dinghy, the S.S. Rebel.  The rightist trolls – living in their mom’s basement, pawing at their tiny gonads through their Avengers jammies as they eyeballed Faith’s clips on a continuous loop – loved her.  They positively ached for her. Faith was the one they wanted to marry, at a ceremony with lots of Wagner’s Rienzi, Die Meistersinger playing, and possibly an officiant from the Aryan Nations compound in Hayden Lake.

But even as the rebels sought to curry favour with the so-called alt-Right, publishing columns titled “Ten Things I Hate About Jews” and doubting the Holocaust in commentaries, Faith Goldy went further.  She was more of a race-and-religion rebel than anyone at the Rebel.

The breaking point came in Charlottesville, which she was sent to cover for Ezra’s online lunatic asylum – where she’d be seen doing a stand-up not far from the woman who was mowed down by a white supremacist.  That terrible week, Faith appeared on the pro-Nazi Daily Stormer, opining that there was a need for a rise in “white racial consciousness.”  She also proclaimed that National Socialist types have “robust” and “well-thought-out” ideas on “the Jewish question.”  Levant, a Jew and no anti-Semite himself, finally fired her.

After that, Faith abandoned all pretense of restraint.  She was fully alone, piloting in dark, dark waters.

She started reciting The Fourteen Words, the credo of neo-Nazi terrorists in the Order – “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”  She went on someone’s show to promote a book about “the Jewish menace” – a book which calls for “putting an end to their unnatural, parasitic existence.”  She advocated for pedophile Milos Yiannopoulos, simply because she was encouraged by his brand of foul racism.  She tweeted “the future is Far Right.”  David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, took notice and commenced cheerily retweeting her stuff.  So did other lowlifes.

So, is Faith Goldy a neo-Nazi?  Who knows.  She certainly counts many Hitlerites among her friends and followers, doesn’t she?

Which naturally leads us to another question, one more relevant:  is Faith Goldy someone with whom Canadian political leaders should ever be seen?

No. No, they sure as shit shouldn’t.

UPDATE: I am reliably told the Premier was not aware of the sorts of things I outline above. I am also told this will never happen again.


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    Jay says:


    Don’t try to parse what kind of Nazi a Nazi is. Dig deep enough in a “White Nationalist’s” or “Western Culture Warrior’s” social media feeds,

    And you will always find it crawling with Nazi’s.

    “they are all Nazi’s, Katie”.

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      George Spelvin says:

      “Don’t try to parse what kind of Nazi a Nazi is.”

      Saw a tweet recently:

      “How to know you’re talking to a Nazi:

      “You: I hate Nazis.
      “Them: Define “Nazi.”

      “Hope this helps. Non-Nazis are never, ever concerned that your definition of Nazi might include them.”

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      Diane Quigley says:

      Wanting to protect the white population shouldnt make someone a nazi…but I guess it helps you feel better about selling us out!

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        Eric Weiss says:

        Awww poor white people. So downtrodden… so oppressed.

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        Heath Watts says:

        What is the “white population”? What is “white”? Are you “white”? Are you “white” enough to meet the standards of so-called white supremacists? I doubt that you are. Faith Goldy is not, even without her tan.

        Not all white supremacists are Nazis, but all Nazis are white supremacists. White supremacists who are not Nazis are equally evil and stupid, but thy might prefer belong to the KKK or some other group: http://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/ideology/white-nationalist

        If you want to “protect the white population”, then you are a white supremacist, but not necessarily a Nazi. You are a bad person, and I hope that you’ll reconsider your life choices.

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    Mezba says:

    Surprisingly everyone focuses on her anti-Muslimness, yet she is also very virulently anti-Jewish, which seems to be overlooked.

    Also what was her relation with Scheer?

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    Chris Haines says:

    I didn’t know much about her, other than having read about her getting chased by protestors one time. And this is totally ignorant of me, but I totally assumed from her name that she was Jewish. I assume “Goldy” was a Hollywood shortening of “Goldberg”.

    Regardless, like anyone on the far left or far right, she does more harm than good with divisive views and reporting.

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    Bonnie Turner says:

    Warren l trust what you have written and it frightens me to think Faith and Ford would be a Team running Toronto. Both Faith and Ford have extreme fanatics backing them and calling for blood which appears to energize both. Scheer imho should steer away from both as l we it Ezra backs both so if true that is tell I g in itself. Time for optical moderation in Ontario was my Sept 20 column for Wallaceburg Courier Press.

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    Eric Weiss says:

    Her “Mayoral Campaign” has direct connections to white supremacists.


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      George Spelvin says:

      Click on a merchandise link on her site — it will show up as “IDCanada.org” (or whatever). ID Canada is the rebranded Cdn branch of Generation Identity — a white nationalist group.
      White nationalists run her website. One of them is IN that shot on the other side of Ford.

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    bigcitylib says:

    I thought he appeared on her Rebel show last year. Therefore I’m not sure I buy the update.

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    Scott Stringle says:

    The “Nazi” label sure gets thrown around a lot. Meanwhile our PM gets away with hanging out with someone who actually aided the Nazis during the war and progressive heroes like Obama and Bill Clinton openly associate with racist anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. Perhaps the left should clean up their own racism before they dare point fingers.

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      Jack says:

      PeHapS thE LefT SHouLd ClEan uP thEir oWn RaciSm beForE TheY daRE pOInt FIngeRS.


      Get some new material, you Fox News troglodyte.

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    Deb W. says:

    Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of Faith Goldy is the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church i.e. it gives credence to the Kremlin’s “active measures” campaign that Canada is overrun with Ukrainian fascists. Likewise, Romanian Tanya Granic Allen who appears on neo-Ustaše inavukic.com e.g. “Croatia: Communist Bacteria Fester…Croatia, Jews Commemorating Holocaust Fuel Political Havoc”. (Even the SS was shocked at the bestial nature of the Ustaše.) Unfortunately, intersectionality coddles and privileges ethnic females and makes serious critique difficult.

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    Beth Higginson says:

    Bernie M Farber

    Just now ·

    Frankly, I am stunned! When asked to disassociate himself from Faith Goldy and her connections to white supremacy, Doug Ford refused!

    I have been working all my adult life confronting racism, extremism and antisemitism. I have never seen a mainstream Canadian politician give succour to the neo-Nazi cause until today. This was Ford’s “There are good people on both sides” moment.

    Shame on Doug Ford. This needs to be walked back!

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    Terry says:

    And yet still no public disavowal despite the update? Why? When the best case explanation is that the Premier is a stupid, stubborn asshole who equates changing his mind in the face of incontrovertible evidence as weakness, it’s not a very good situation at all.

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    Sean says:

    I hate to agree with the moron Adam Vaughan, but I guess he has a point in branding Faith a White Supremacist.

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    gmp480 says:

    Ford’s actions belie your update.

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      Warren says:

      You are being too kind. They flat out contradict it. My apologies.

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    K says:

    The Premier would have had to be living under a rock not to know what kind of views Faith Goldy espouses. Further, he has been photographed with her on multiple occasions. If he is purportedly so uninformed and ostensibly embarrassed at being photographed with her, why not apologize and indicate she is not welcome at his events? He has done so with other Nazis.

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    embro says:

    1. Ezra didn’t send Faith to Charlottesville, he specifically told her not to go. She went anyway.
    2. Rebel has never published anything doubting the Holocaust.
    3. The “10 things I hate about Jews” was a satirically and clickbait titled pro-Israel and pro-Jewish video.

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      Warren says:

      1. Thanks for that clarification.
      2. Point three suggests otherwise.
      3. It was not labelled “satire” or “humour” or anything of the sort. Sorry, you’re about a year too late.

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    koor barakam says:

    An attractive woman encouraging white males to stand up to the lizards… can’t have that eh!

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