09.12.2018 01:33 PM

“Why Don’t We Do It In The Road,” finally explained


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    Al Hayward says:

    Just “Let it be”

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    Peter says:

    I’m so glad that Sir Paul in his dotage has come clean. Long live History! I have no doubt he held off until now, not because he wanted to continue to make gazillions, but because the forces of theocratic conservative morality would have destroyed his individuality and denied him his natural sexuality. Thank you, millenials, our kids are all going to be better off for this.

    Next up: Shirley Jones recounts her anal sex with Gordon McCrae on the set of Oklahoma and an aging producer reveals what really went on when Mr. Rogers visited Captain Kangaroo in his dressing room.

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    Lee Hill says:

    Give Snark a Break people. He’s still an ex-Beatle, Ram and Band of The Run are power pop masterpieces, and even the typically patchy, but growing on me, Egypt Station contains at least half a dozen songs (“I Don’t Know” and “Who Cares” are as sublime as anything on The Next Day or Blackstar) that every ageing punk turned weekend rebel would probably sell one of his mutual funds to have written. If you are shocked by someone telling a reporter in passing he masturbated during a very long GQ interview, you might, to turn a phrase from Revolver, go get yourself a life.

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