10.03.2018 12:03 PM

A candidates’ debate should be as diverse as the city those candidates hope to lead (updated)

…this is so basic, and so fundamental, I can’t believe it actually needs to be said.  But apparently it does.

This was released weeks ago.  It bears repeating.

UPDATE: And here’s what one of those candidates had to say about this “controversy.”



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    Matt says:

    While Tory is certainly correct in his view, how do you accomplish it?

    I mean the race for mayor usually has anywhere from 25 to 30 or more candidates with only 2 or 3 realistically having a shot at winning (and honestly, this years Toronto mayoral election really only has one candidate with a chance of winning.)

    So how do you decide which of the other twenty odd candidates to include?

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      Campbell says:

      Well, CBC declared that they do have a criteria for choosing, and that none of the other candidates met that criteria.

      Tory’s position is obviously very strategically sound, but my lord is it ever disingenuous.

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