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A new Patrick Brown scandal? The $10,000 payoff

Huge story from Canadaland:

Diana Davison is an internet personality who has described herself as an anti-feminist, a journalist, and a men’s “civil rights activist.” She is a popular YouTuber, currently with over 83,000 subscribers, who previously vlogged under the handle “Feminism LOL.” Each of those old videos began with her making fun of a stat about the frequency of rape in the United States — “Hey everyone, it’s been over two minutes, and I haven’t been raped yet.” Two years ago, she rebranded her channel eponymously and created a non-profit, The Lighthouse Project, raising funds from her supporters through Patreon and PayPal. Many of her videos are “investigations” into women who have accused men of sexual misconduct. Between the end of January and April, she produced a series of seven videos about the allegations against former Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (PCPO) leader Patrick Brown. In those videos, the Vancouver-based Davison called the allegations a “hit job,” a “political coup,” and the mainstream media “fucking” with the public.

CANADALAND has learned that in March, Davison received a $10,000 cheque, of which she would keep just under half, from lawyer Joseph Villeneuve, a longtime friend of Brown and member of his inner circle. Both Davison and Villeneuve say the payment was supposed to be in exchange for reading over and analyzing voluminous documents — that never materialized — related to an alleged political coup against Brown. Davison was subcontracted by a political operative named David Wallace, who arranged for her to pick up the $10,000 cheque from Villeneuve that would then be split between the two of them.


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    Michael says:

    Yep. I always imagined a little detective work by Harperites and envelopes of cash going to Brown’s accusers. Ditch Brown, replace him with a much less-than Red Tory, scrap cap and trade….There’s Ford and Kenny rallying against a carbon tax. Add in Scheer and Harper on that stage and you’d have the whole loaf of bread.

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      Douglas Musk says:

      Brown has no ideology if you think he’s a “Red Tory” he’s simply whatever you want him to be to get him elected. Hence he was a Blue Tory while in the CPC, a right wing populist while running for the PC leadership, a Red Tory once he got that job and now running for whatever Mayoral seat is open that he has even the most vague connection to.

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    Fred from BC says:

    Yeah…and scandals without a criminal element don’t really tend to resonate with the public, either. Looks like everyday political machinations to me.

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    Gyor says:

    I agree, Diana was only saying the truth, even if she took some money from people close to Brown. It doesn’t change the facts of the situation.

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    Mezba says:

    Patrick Brown was a decent man and a decent leader. He was one of the few Conservative politicians who made a genuine effort to reach out to ethnic minorities and religious minorities. The PC party had a Bangladesh Night at Queens Park (and I don’t see the present Premier interested in anything like that). He had an iftar party.

    All these “scandals” so far are just accusations. One of them (the CTV) has even been proved wrong. Unless there is a concrete proof they will remain that – a hit job.

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      doconnor says:

      There is no reason to think it was anymore genuine then his commitment to Barrie or Peel or Brampton.

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        Mezba says:

        I work for an organization serving 30,000 Bangladeshi Canadians and we were instrumental in getting the word out in Scarborough South west to get the first Canadian MPP of Bangladeshi origin elected in Canada. We also have relations with all the major parties.

        Patrick maintained those ties even after he was ousted from the Conservative party. He has attended the picnics even when he wasn’t campaigning for anything, continued to meet and talk with the people, and keep the relations.

        On the other hand we had no outreach from the present leadership of the Conservative party. They inherited a greatly strengthened Conservative party and are intent on ruining both the party and Ontario.

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          doconnor says:

          It’s obvious he hasn’t given up his quest for political power. It’s, apparently, all he knows.

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    Doug Brown says:

    Add a zero onto the end of the check and maybe something could be going on. $10k is too small to be a payoff.

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