10.13.2018 07:32 PM

All that was missing was a burning cross


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    Gord says:

    I find it hilarious (and sad) that these guys continue to refer to him as “Dr.” James Sears, given that his license was revoked by the College 25 years ago after he was convicted of sexual assault.

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    Robert White says:

    If Paul Fromm had ever read Erich Fromm’s _The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness_ he would never be caught dead shaking hands with the intellectually bankrupt Sears or offer accolades of any sort to the likes of Goldy et al. I suppose listening to the proto-Fascists spew hatred is ‘news’ but then again I, for one, think that Kim Kardasian’s arse is more important.

    Fascism works off the principle of ‘bad news is ‘good news’ when it gets press coverage’. The Duck also fosters this type of behaviour by modelling that sort of behaviour for the media worldwide so that his dogwhistle politics makes it to the ears of his functionaries like Sears & Goldy actively preaching the ‘gospel’ according to Father Steve Bannon from the ministry at Breitbart.


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