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Can a newspaper publish without a publisher?

A Toronto judge apparently thinks so. Disappointing.

Betsy Powell’s story for the Star below.

Judge rules there’s no evidence Your Ward News publisher threatened political strategists with death

A Toronto judge has discharged one of two men charged with uttering death threats against political consultants Warren and Lisa Kinsella.

Ontario Court Justice Dan Moore agreed to a “directed verdict” request finding no evidence that LeRoy St. Germaine was guilty of the death-threat Criminal Code charge, defence lawyer Chris Murphy said Friday.

St. Germaine, 76, is publisher of Your Ward News, an east-end Toronto based newsletter criticized for being homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist and misogynist. His associate, James Sears, 55, a former doctor who had his licence revoked for sexual impropriety, is still facing the charge and is expected to making his closing submissions next week.

The pair were charged with threatening death in 2017 after the Kinsellas initiated a private prosecution over an article that appeared in the newsletter. The Crown has taken over the case. St. Germaine and Sears are also charged separately with wilful promotion of hatred against identifiable groups.

This week, Warren Kinsella testified a piece written by Sears called for the couple to be “bludgeoned to death,” prompting them to take security precautions.

On Friday, Kinsella, who is a lawyer, wrote that he and his wife are disappointed by the judge’s decision.

“The hateful, threatening words couldn’t have (been) published by Sears without the support and involvement of St. Germaine,” he wrote in a direct Twitter message to the Star.

The couple is also concerned about the impact on the upcoming promoting hatred case.

“Does this mean, now, that the publisher of this neo-Nazi rag walks away from that, too? The judge’s ruling sets a very disturbing precedent, one that affects not just us, but persons of colour, women, as well as the Jewish, LGBTQ and Muslim communities.”


  1. Robert James says:

    LeRoy does not publish Jack all. James Sears funds the whole operation (via Putin’s “Ruble” laundering route), though don’t tell Sears that… he is too narcissistic and sociopathic to realize he is the Moscow Kremlin’s useful idot. James Sears controls every single minor detail from start to finish for his hate-fueled vanity project, LeRoy really has no f—ing clue what is being published till after it hits the press.

    St. Germaine is actually an alright man lead astray by an a–hole cult leader the likes of L. Ron Hubbard, Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones or David Koresh. Though unlike myself, he has not yet decided “F–k this Nazi Bulls–t, F–k this Job, F–k the few extra dollars in the pocket, F–k the division politics, F–k Putin and F–k James Sears”.

    Yes, those Nazi bastards killed countless million of Jews and countless millions of more innocent people.

    I cannot help in your case Warren, but for the hate crime case coming up, I will do my best to put that long haired coward back where he belongs… in a cell with his new gangster boyfriend.

    P.S. Yes Warren, again; I’m *THAT* Robert James!

    • Pipes says:

      “Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated”, what intimidates Sears? He is such a wasted human being and sadly St. Germaine is Steinbeck’s Lennie to George.

      How alone they must feel. What pathetic fellows they be. What a squanderance of life. The day of reckoning is at hand for all. When asked-what did you do with the life given to you? How will they respond?

      There are so many terminally ill people, who would beg to have what’s left of the spent life of these haters and to use the time for peace and love and positive contribution.

      Warren and Lisa mostly alone and frustrated unfairly, fight a battle that is supported and respected by the silent and mostly uninvolved majority.

      • Robert James says:


        You will never understand how depressed, ashamed and alone I was. Shutting myself indoors, just trying to kill the pain of working for such a negative attention seeking piece of s–t.

        I will tell you what intimidates Sears; real men who stand up to him in real life… it’s the same thing that intimidates all these trolls who feel safe behind their keyboards.

  2. Peter says:

    You were there and I wasn’t, but I wouldn’t see this acquittal as having much bearing on what is to come. Defamation and criminal liability are not the same, however much they appear to overlap here. The liability of a publisher in a civil defamation cases is derivative and consequential–a plaintiff does not need to show the publisher personally adopted the defamation or even put his or her mind to it. Not so in a criminal case, which requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt of mental intent. We don’t expose people to jail terms for vicarious liabities.

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    It’s pretty basic mens rea stuff.

    The Crown’s burden is not insignificant.

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