10.24.2018 09:23 PM

Christie Blatchford defends rapists and racists

One from the archives. Stands up.


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    High taxation, lower representation says:

    I recently read that for the first time, shocking.
    I suspect you’re posting now because she’s writing crap about you with this court case. I wouldn’t know,don’t read her, she’s a clown.
    Best of luck, you have the winds of Justice at your back.

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    Nasty Bob says:

    I used to like Rex Murphy 40 decades ago when he’d do his little rants on the National but now he’s just old Abe Simpson with a better vocabulary.

    I think the target demographic for NP must be cranky curmudgeons because they have so many of them on staff , what with Rex and Blatch and Lord Convict of Blowhard

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    Eleventh Time Commenter says:

    You must have gotten to her with that article. I thought the Gods work line was an odd choice of words (in a reprehensible article). Makes sense now after seeing the archived piece. Give them hell, Warren and Lisa.

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