, 10.19.2018 10:18 AM

KINSELLACAST 36: Warren gets dopey! Live report of Tory transit event – and beating the Nazis! Lisa on next week’s criminal trial!


  1. Don Wilson says:

    Warren, as the grandson of holocaust survivors and a recent follower of your blog and your quest to fight nazi extremism, I’m prepared to potentially help you bring down Your Ward News by providing funds (recently inherited) and potentially providing you with some other “personal support”. However, I want to ensure that the strategy here is “death by a thousand cuts” rather than assuming each individual action has merit. In other words, even if a criminal prosecution is a long shot in court, the goal of bringing forth charges is mostly to financially drain Sears and St. Germaine until there’s no money left to put out that rag. If that’s the case, then you’re brilliant and I’m in. We basically come at them from every angle, exclusive of merit, and bankrupt them. And I challenge other couch potatoes reading this comment to put their money where their mouths are. Warren and Lisa cannot be doing all the heavy lifting and risking their finances and safety to shut down nazis.

  2. Don Wilson says:

    Trying to keep drama to a minimum. Just an initial inquiry. Not looking to publicize my life story.

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