10.15.2018 06:23 AM

The She-Wolf of the Clueless loses again

And hallelujah.  

Now, when will the Toronto Police Service start investigating her for allegedly inciting that attempt to murder scores of refugees at a Toronto hotel?


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    Pierre Pagé says:

    She has crossed the line on numerous occasions with her hate filled reporting and actions. Thankfully she is going against Canadian tradition of opening our door to immigrants and refugees. What is totally distasteful is her direct attack on these people instead of targeting government policies. Even then, her reasons for doing so would highlight her malignant racist ugly and distasteful attitude. Sadly she is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. The less said about her by the media will sabotage her campaign of hate and leave her with less profile.

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    Gyor says:

    I don’t support Golden Faith, she has extremely poor judgement, but I don’t support the campaign to silence her either, censorship just makes things worse.

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