10.12.2018 01:48 PM

Tory endorses Mihevc!

Some folks here in the centre of the universe were surprised, this afternoon, when John Tory endorsed Councillor Joe Mihevc. Yours truly was not one of them.

Joe may be a deeply-orange Dipper, but he’s also the kind of politician who has always worked hard to do right by his community – and to actually get good things done at City Hall. Mihevc and Tory may have once had different party affiliations (Tory’s, presently, is Toronto and none else), but the two of them are mostly cut from the very same cloth. Both know that scoring political points is not nearly as important as actually getting results for the people they serve (take note, Ms. Keesmaat).

On Tory’s campaign, as I’ve related before, there are Liberals, Conservatives, and even a few Dippers. There are non-partisans, professional operatives, first-time volunteers, and grizzled political veterans. This, I think, is what Tory does best: he brings people together to get results. He’s good at it.

Joe’s opponent is Councillor Josh Matlow, who I consider to be a self-absorbed pain in the ass. Joe likes to point to positive results; Matlow likes to have microphones pointed at him.

John Tory’s election campaign maintains a healthy lead in the final days, but he’s still working like he’s way behind. Anyone who knows John will tell you they’re not surprised that John is hoping for a council he can work with — regardless of political leanings.

And it should also not surprise anyone that John Tory sees Joe Mihevc as one of those people.


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    Dork in East York says:

    Kinsella endorsing an NDPer?!? You must reaaaally dislike Matlow 😉

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      Warren says:

      I worked for one last time. Big deal.

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        Patrick Devine says:

        While working on the approvals for the Mirvish + Gehry project, after Frank Gehry made a presentation to Community Council and was rudely cross-examined by Matlow, I overheard Matlow telling everyone that he “really taught Gehry a thing or two” ! As you say, Matlow is a self-absorbed pain in the ass. Over the 20 years I have dealt with Joe Mihevc ,he has always been polite and respectful, even when we disagree.

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