, 11.15.2018 01:14 PM

I never said that Patrick Brown was a deceitful, deceptive, duplicitous equivocating, fallacious, false, fibbing, fraudulent, lying sack of shit

I didn’t say that, but:


  1. Matt says:

    Do you think Patty realizes that his staff at Queens Park were able to see all those direct messages through Facebook and other social media platforms and emails he was constantly sending to women who weren’t his girlfriend?

    Gee, I hope nobody made copies.

    And do you think he see’s the irony in the fact he is currently suing CTV for making what he calls baseless accusations against him all while launching baseless accusations against Vic Fidelli?

    And what’s with the NDP now suddenly believing everything Brown is saying?

  2. David White says:

    Not sure the accusation against Fedeli can be considered baseless as per CBC
    “CBC News has independently verified the allegation was made against Fedeli. The allegation has never been tested in court.”
    from here:

    So Brown may be telling the truth, an accusation was made. Whether the accusation has any merit, who knows, only the staffer who made it and Fedeli.

    Upsetting, because Fedeli’s resume is impressive and chock full of public service to the people of North Bay.

  3. Robert White says:

    As long time Remote Viewer I, for one, can assure any court in the land that Patrick Brown is an abject liar with respect to the allegations made by CTV reporting as he was ousted from Queen’s Park. CTV is wholeheartedly in the right to accuse Brown of being a first class creep.

    How he managed to dupe folks into thinking he would be a good choice for mayor is beyond moi.

    The claims of impropriety on the part of Fidelli are documented and the NDP is rightfully calling for a third party investigator and for the Finance Minister to step down from cabinet & caucus until the matter is sufficiently resolved to the satisfaction of the legislature.


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