11.07.2018 08:57 AM

Our Democratic candidate wins!

Lisa and I campaigned for her in Maine this Summer – and we are delighted she won!

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  1. Peter says:

    Good for her and congrats if you made a difference. We’re already seeing a flurry of inconsistent opinion on what these elections mean, but it seems it was a match nul. Yet maybe it was a triumph for the independent voter. 2020 starts today. Dare we hope that the results will make both sides see the issues (and effective government) are important to the voters and that no one can be confident of winning by simply demonizing the other side?

    There were dozens of races for the House, the Senate and governships. The margins of difference in a very large number of of them were razor-thin–a point or two. Is this a sign of a country dangerously divided or a signal of hope that will smarten up the pols and the pros on both sides?

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