11.20.2018 04:01 PM

St. Mike’s

I have lots to say about what is happening over there, and the root causes. But I’ve told my wife that I won’t, because this is all causing great pain – agony, almost – for our sons who went there.

But, as a regular attendee at a church run by the Basilians, I will say just this:


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    James Smith says:

    As a dogan who has often struggled not to just chuck it in. And as one who only realized upon entering my 6th decade that what I experienced in grade one at a school in The West Island at the hands of the “Christian” brothers was sexual abuse, I get your reluctance.
    I fought my parents tooth & nails not to send me to either del la sale or st Mikes in the 1970’s & I’m glad I did.
    Having read about this very sad Story this week I’m not sure if I’ll attend mass this week. I may instead have a conversation with a Jesuit I know & pray for the church.

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    Robert White says:

    In terms of theocracy I think Joseph Angolano is right on with the moral sanction to defend those that are exploited. Clearly, Angolano is a mature contemplative that obviously internalized the appropriate teaching of the Bible. Predators would likely never understand the requirement to protect those that cannot stand up to the bullies because of their own personal frame of reference and lack of mature perspective.

    To be completely honest with all I have never seen exceptionally smart people bully others or enjoy watching others get bullied.


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