, 12.31.2018 09:42 AM

2018, the good and the bad

While Lisa and all of my kids slept, I sat down at the kitchen table and tried to think of ten good things in 2018, and ten not-so-good things in 2018.

I failed.

• New Dark Ages, second book in X Gang series comes out – and Hot Nasties put out first record in 38 years, Maximum Rock’n’Roll likes it
• start teaching at U of C Faculty of Law
• Daisy Group has best year yet, has a rockin’ midterms party
• get signed to Newstalk 1010/Bell Media
• finally get to see MC5 play Kick Out the Jams live, see L7 in London at Electric Ballroom
• work for Democrats on winning midterm campaigns, help John Tory win massive mayoral victory
• help persuade government to stop postal service from delivering neo-Nazi rag
• get a cool place in the county that’s older than Canada
• family all healthy and all doing swell
• married still to genius supermodel who bizarrely loves me


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