, 12.19.2018 05:29 AM

Canada already is great, ⁦‪Hudsons Bay‬⁩, you clueless morons

First spotted at the Bay at Pacific Centre in Vancouver.

They were sold there in October, disappeared for a while, and then made a comeback this week.

Tone-deaf, stupid, irritating. Kind of like the bigoted criminal who inspired that theme in the first place.


  1. the salamander says:

    .. I posted their first insulting ad on my Facebook timeline.. I have a cross section of friends and family – my response was sayonara Hudson Bay – won’t see me in theirs or any other retail outlet that insults Canadians.. and pimps such horseshite garbage. The HB apparel buyer saw ‘opportunity’ – the retail display head agreed – the higher ups must be tone deaf overpaid walking dead with zero pulse, who think they detected an ‘opportunity’ – My family alone probably spent (note the word spent) up to a minimum of 500 or more annually at the Bloor Yonge location re birthdays or other seasonal or engagement or wedding gifts.. And I know folks who spend 5-10 times that at HB. That’s now toast right above the TTC crossroads.. HB went Trumpish toxic – ‘GREAT’ ! Wot a ‘WIN’ – eh ! !

  2. Pedant says:

    It’s not much different from “Canada is back!”.

    Where did Canada go, Justin? Did someone kidnap it?

  3. BMarcille says:

    Bizarre. HBC pulled the Ivanka line of products, but sells this crap? To what market?
    cue the apology.

    re Pedant’s comment,
    Soooo true. I’d say Israel, the EU, US, Afghanistan and most other countries thought we never left the world stage (“Get out of Ukraine, Mr. Putin.”)

    • Matt says:

      You do realize Trudeau is using Harper’s emission reduction targets right?

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Canada is back” was actually in reference to UN ‘peacekeeping’ missions, which the Conservatives had abandoned in favor of more constructive action; Canada had never been more influential or respected on the world stage as it was when Stephen Harper was Prime Minister. Banana republics, autocrats and dictators much prefer Canadian governments to be Liberal governments.

      As for global war-OOPs, I mean ‘climate change’, the western countries understood very well that Justin Trudeau was agreeing to the exact same GHG target that Stephen Harper had initiated (and Trudeau had ridiculed while in Opposition)…and also that he was going to miss that target by a mile.

    • Pedant says:

      No it wasn’t strictly about unachievable climate change targets. Yes he used that idiotic catchphrase during the Paris junket / taxpayer-funded jetset but he also used it in many other contexts. It was just the latest iteration of the Liberal Party’s obnoxious belief that its party dogma is synonymous with Canada.

      • Fred from BC says:

        “Fred, I added other things in addition to climate, meaning peacekeeping etc. I would think that was obvious.”

        No, Art, It’s only obvious that you are desperately trying to avoid admitting that Trudeau’s climate target and Harper’s climate target were EXACTLY THE SAME.

        Say it with me, Art: “Exactly the same”.

        Meaning there is no way that “Canada is back” could possibly refer to the long discredited l “international consensus on climate change” (there isn’t one). How can we be ‘back’ when we never left? Kyoto expired, by the way. Try to keep up.

  4. Daryl Gordon says:

    Test test

  5. Daryl Gordon says:

    Please explain how one is to consider “great” a country of 37 million that has for 50 plus years been economically and politically dominated by a province of 8 million? Quebec has forced its culture and language laws nationwide while enacting illegal, unconstitutional and discriminatory policies within its borders. They offer financially unfeasible Cadillac social programs with the certainty that the rest of the country will pay for them.
    Then Quebec routinely blocks ROC projects that benefit other regions.

    How is a country “great” when it enacts a charter so liberal and left leaning that convicted terrorists receive $10 million settlements and then gives serious consideration to prepatriation of ISIS fighters and other traitors who using citizenship as convenience? How “great” is a country that instantly provide refugees and illegals with better and free social benefits than it provides to needy native Canadians and veterans?

    More greatness: A justice system so restricted and slow-moving that criminals rights often take precedent over victims of crime. Legal firearm owners are subject to onerous regulation while gun wielding criminals rarely face existing maximum penalties . Citizens using aggressive defensive measures against criminals often find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

    Is a country “great” when it sequesters far more carbon than it emits, then enacts policy that cripples the economy and loads costs onto its citizens and businesses? Zero net worldwide as the biggest emitters ramp up and promptly ignore farcical climate agreements.

    Is a country “great” where vast amounts of coal is shipped through Vancouver ports, but oil is vilified? Where Saudi and Venezuelan oil enters eastern ports at world prices, yet western provinces production is stifled by lack of infrastructure? Is it “great” that raw sewage routinely is dumped in the St Lawrence or off the west coast but a safe, modern pipeline is labeled the end of the world?

    Is a country “great” where virtue signaling and political correctness is running so amok that there can seriously be a gender assessment of one miniscule labor group (pipeline industry) without the same standards applied to all else? Where entitlement and outrage have become entities that get more consideration than good business practice and common sense?

    This country has been splintered into regions that oppose each other more than cooperate. Great is not an adjective I would use, banana republic would be accurate if it wasn’t cold here half the year.

    • Daryl,

      You really need to seriously talk with the francophone minority in the other provinces and territories. Most provinces don’t give a rat’s ass about the francophone minority, and it shows.

      And taking constitutional law wouldn’t hurt either.

    • Wayne McDonald III says:

      Canada is great already. We are getting better. We are spinning, spinning towards freedom. No rhetoric is going to accurately describe what’s going on. There are tons of awesome things going on in Canada all the time, just not newsworthy.

      And if you don’t like it. You have options Gordon. Emigrate! you are free to do so.

    • Fred from BC says:

      ” While the issue you’ve described are conversations we should have”

      And never will, if Liberals have anything to say about it.

      ” 80% of the world lives in poverty. Stop making your life sound so hard.”

      I’d say that to the radical LGBTQ2(etc) faction as well…the ones who are even now trying to sue a guy who questions whether or not a ‘transsexual’ is really just a gay man with identity issues. In 80% of the world, Morgan Oger would be in jail (or, more likely, in hiding). Or worse.

      • Fred,

        They know from a very young age that they are the other sex trapped in the wrong body. No one is more courageous than those people. Imagine what it takes, on so many levels, to deal with the transition. Not all can go through with it.

        If the rest of us could live in their shoes for just a day.

    • The Doctor says:

      You’re complaining about the fact that I can buy poutine in Vancouver? You’ve got a weird set of political priorities.

  6. Sam White says:

    What Daryl Gordon said..

    • Daryl Gordon says:

      Liberal Party of Canada has been in power 69 years in the 20th century, 10 and counting in the 21 st so……..

      • Daryl Gordon says:

        I and countless other western Canadians made my fortune in the late 80’s and 90′ s by taking advantage of the opportunity for private entrepreneurial ventures that were there for the taking at that time. The wealth created didn’t just stay in the west, many other Canadians were employed, manufacturing was booming, and all levels of taxation received the benefits.

        Current over regulation has placed such restraint on private capital pools that it has just become more expedient to take investment (and jobs, spinoff, taxes etc ) elsewhere.

        We are left with an expanding public sector, fiscally unsustainable long term : see growing deficit budgets everywhere. The public sector doesn’t produce wealth, it draws from it, private investment builds it. All I’m seeking is for goverment to get out of the way. Give the current generation the opportunity that we enjoyed. Industry is cleaner and more efficient than ever, let them go to work.

        Is this the next good Canadian to get a large check and a grovelling apology?
        Fellow Canadians, to use an old saying, “we need to grow a pair”.

  7. What Cuomo said, before backpedalling:

    We’re not going to make America great again; it was never that great,” Cuomo said, drawing audible gasps, apparently out of surprise, and some applause. “We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged.”

    Applies to this country as well.

  8. Matt says:

    Personally, I prefer the “Make Trudeau A Drama Teacher Again” hats

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